Three-thing Thursday

Tonight's theme: Favorite New Discoveries!

1.  There are lots of really interesting people right outside my circle.

I am a total extrovert.  I can't get enough of people IF they are my people.  I'm not friendly with strangers or people I don't know well.  It's Tony's job to meet them first.  Last December, Chloe and I were chatting about my squad. (Apparently, that's the current term for "circle of friends.")  As I thought about my squad, I realized that I have 2 squads, which is great, but the groups leave out a lot of people that I see on a regular basis.  I'm not intentionally exclusive, but I don't try hard enough to be inclusive.  Of all silly resolutions for an adult to make, I decided that I was going to sit with new people every opportunity I got.  And can I tell you something???  People are SO interesting.  I've gotten to hear about their childhoods lived abroad, their family's health problems, and their life goals. Truthfully, I am loving my new everyone-is-in-it squad!

2.  Tuesdays and Fridays are the Dream Team of workout days for me.

It my Type A mind, it makes sense to workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Since I can only afford 2 days, they should be Tuesday and Thursday.  Right?  Except that completely wasn't working for me. I switched to Tuesday/Friday.  Oh my goodness- the difference it has made in my life.  It gives me 2 days to recover.  It makes my crazy Thursday more manageable.  It makes me feel like I'm soaring into the weekend.  The best 24-hour shift I've ever made.  (well, I hope so.  Tomorrow is the first day.)

3.  The quality time isn't the end all.  Quantity time matters, too.

I didn't realize that I had bought into the lie of quality time.  I actually didn't realize it was a lie.  I have also known myself to be someone who thrives on being with another person.  I don't need a crowd.  I'd actually prefer not to have a crowd with me.  What I really want is just to have coffee with you and hear from you.  That's love language quality time, for sure.  I thought that was good enough.  This week I realized that quantity time is necessary, too.  This morning, I was sitting at the table working before we left for school.  Coralynn- who'd been fussy since she woke up- pulled up a chair next to me and began working on her homework.  Every so often, I looked over and commented on the worksheet.  I watched Coralynn's mood soften and lighten.  Just because we were together.  I was shocked!!!  In the mornings, Cosita and I wake up the kids.  Same routine every day.  It's nothing special, but it is meaningful.  Chloe harasses me endlessly about the horror of waking up to my perkiness.  Coralynn waits in bed for her turn to repeat the lines. Cosita gets to jump on the beds of the slow risers.  It's not quality time.  It's quantity time.  It creates memories, and I had no idea it mattered.

Never too old to make fun discoveries!

Until tomorrow,


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