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Medellin- Day 2 Review

Unfortunately, I'm home sick from work today,  Thankfully, my favor broke about 2:00 am, and I'm feeling so much better.  I'm too weak to do anything around the house, but that has left me with time to update about our trip to Colombia!

Day 2, we woke up super early because we had a three-hour drive to the Rio Claro Valley.

We spent the morning hiking the trails in the area,

exploring the caves,

and swimming on the beaches that line the river.

After hiking, we enjoyed lunch at the restaurant on site.

After we finished lunch, we had a few minutes before we left for our rafting adventure.  Chloe and Carson decided to take the plunge...

Carson jumping off the 8 meter ledge.

Chloe's jump.

After the kids did their leaps of faith, we met up to go rafting.  We had an amazing time on our two-hour rafting trip.  We encountered little rapids that made us all want to try more rafting adventures.  Our guide was awesome, and we enjoyed the tour so much!

The way home was a winding, …

Medellin, Colombia- Night One

We flew out of Panama City on an evening flight.  This was an amazing change to our normal 5:00am airport runs.  We got to the airport, had dinner, and waited for our flight!  (Chloe was talking with a friend who was on our flight, and Carson was charging his phone.)
After  56-minute flight, we arrived in Medellin, Colombia.  The flight was terribly rocky, but the customs, immigration, and baggage claim portion was smooth!  We made it out of the airport easily, and Tony quickly found our driver.  We headed toward the city and hotel, but we decided to stop for dinner first.  All I could think was, "We.Are.In.Colombia. Yeeeee!"  Carson was more focused on the fact it was an open-air restaurant and cold outside!
The kids have gotten great at willing trying new foods, but this restaurant ended up being similar to some places we have in Panama.  The enjoyed grilled chicken and french fries.

Did I mention how excited I was to be in Colombia??? This trip took a fair amount of conv…

One Meme Away

I've been caught up in my own head.  I'm a verbal processor.  Or, I thought I was.  No, I am.  I like to talk everything through with other people because I need to hear the words and see the reactions.  I need feedback.

But, something has changed in all of that.  I'm not sure if I'm more wise now.  Or more wounded.  Either way, I hold my cards closer to my chest than I ever have before.

Now, the thoughts roll around my head instead of out of my mouth.  I spend more time praying and less time chatting.  And, the blog has taken the hit- not that I've been consistent with it for a long time.

In January, Tony went to the US for business.  He had meetings about our future.  Let me tell you how much my Type A self loves waiting for what's apps that are potentially going to change my life. Let me tell you how much more I love not getting any information.  That week was also my first week of teaching.  I remembered how much I loved teaching and why I wanted to do it i…