The Team Roster

 My Bits.

Coralynn Mae
Tiny.  Bestest.  Opinionated.  Daring.
Bravely learning all she can about this world as long as someone is always by her side.

My Favorite.
(not really, but the other kids think so)

Camilla Rose
Loving.  Sweet.  Funny.  A silent instigator- just like her Dad.   Shy.
She may not always let you know she knows,
but you need to know that she knows.

My Mini Me.

Carson David
Fiery.  Passionate.  Sensitive.  Opinionated.  Smart.  Athletic (not like me). 
A true enigma.  Friendly.  Liked.
CD lives life full on- be prepared when you get on the ride with him.

 My Right Hand.

Chloe Marie
Sweet.  Sensitive.  Helpful.  Submissive.  Thoughtful.  Anxious.  Caretaker.  Daddy's Girl.  Truly the best big sister ever. 
She makes the other kids content with whom they are even though she will always second guess herself.

My Polar Opposite.  

Disciplined.  Thorough.  Reliable.  Confident.  Meek.  Godly.  Consistent.
His calm demeanor comes from a place of deep confidence in whom he is because he knows in Whom he trusts.


Transparent.  Emotional.  Worrier.  Faithful.  Passionate.  Sarcastic. 
I may not always be right, but I'll always be real.

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