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God is good.

I felt that I should update y'all on Coralynn's speech appointment.

She has rather intrusive issues with the shape of her mouth because of the errant position she rests her tongue.  She also is unable to swallow correctly.

We will be visiting a couple of dentists to hear what the options are for fixing these problems, and then we will resume Coralynn's speech therapy.

In the grand scheme of childhood issues, I know these are nothing.

God is good- all the time.  Nonetheless, my heart hurts.


This post isn't really about moccasins, but that's all I've been thinking about for the past week.  Moccasins.  And, in particular, Coralynn's moccasins.  First, let's back up a few weeks.

Late January, I was in the throes of our 40-day challenge, and I was loving it.  I loved seeing what I was capable of when I tried.  As a serial underachiever, I like to know that I am capable of doing more than I think I can.  I loved that I can choose the terms that I use to describe myself.  With my new found confidence, I decided I was going to try another challenge.

During that same time, I was part of a series of meetings concerning a team of people that are coming from Bethel School in Redding, California.  I volunteered to serve as a guide/van driver/useful person during their 10-day visit.  Immediately after leaving the meeting when I officially volunteered, I felt the Holy Spirit told me that I needed to improve my Spanish so that I could be even more useful.

So, that b…

Best of...

In light of tonight's Academy Awards- and my need to write an update blog- let's do the "Best of" awards for Disney World!

Best Purchase of the Week:


We arrived to Epcot about 3 hours after our flight landed and 10 minutes after it started raining.  I LOVE a poncho so I immediately bought myself one.  The rest of the crew took a little convincing, but soon enough we matched EVERY OTHER person at the park in our ponchos!

The pouring rain lasted the ENTIRE evening which brings us to our next award...

Best MacGyver Moment:

Coralynn, plastic-wrapped cups, and Mommy!

I only had packed two pairs of shoes per person, one pair of flip flops and one pair of tennis shoes.  It never occurred to me that our shoes would become completely drenched.  There was no way Coralynn was going to be able to walk, in flip flops, ALL the miles that Disney requires, but I also didn't feel comfortable with her wearing wet shoes for 10 hours.  Tony and I did our best to dry her sho…

40-Day Challenge- Final UPDATE!

We've packed our bags.  We've repacked our bags.  We've printed boarding passes, found passports, and double checked the paperwork.  If we can get up by 3:45 tomorrow morning, we'll be ready to go by 4:45am!

Before we head off to the "happiest place on Earth," I wanted to let you know the results of the 40-day challenge.  As a whole, the challenges were... an EPIC FAIL.  Camilla isn't an avid reader, Coralynn isn't a dedicated tooth brusher, and Carson still teases his sisters.  I refuse to comment on Tony praying everyday, because I just don't feel right talking about that.

On the plus side, however, Chloe and I did SUPER well with our challenges.  She broke her vegan challenge 2-3 times.  I'm beyond impressed with her.  I exercised as much as my ailing knee would allow.  I'm quite pleased to let you know that this morning I ran with Tony and Carson in the race that happens each month.  I had originally planned to run 3 miles with the boy…

5 Days to Go...

I canNOT believe that, Lord willing, we will be at Disney World is just 5 days.

Even harder to believe is the fact that I have barely started packing.  Normally, I pack about a week out because I want to give myself plenty of time to remember what I forgot.  This time, I can't seem to get my pack on.  Why?

Because I'm dreading this trip.

I canNOT believe I just admitted that.

I really want to be excited about it.  The kids are super excited- and are completely unaware of my dread.  Normally, their excitement would be enough to convince me into my own.  But, it's not working.

I think the biggest issue is the way all the Disney lovers talk about Walt Disney World (WDW). They create a picture of a magical land that requires secret knowledge to be able to enjoy.

I don't have secret knowledge.  I don't want to have secret knowledge.  I don't want to be online just after midnight to make sure I get the right FastPass so Coralynn can meet Elsa and Anna.  (I'm st…