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2018 Word. Of. The. Year.

But first!

We have a little announcement to make.

Say "hello" to Chicheme Jordan.
He was my Christmas present that I got on Thanksgiving Day, and I couldn't be anymore grateful for his fluffy self.  Cosita is less thrilled, but we're confident that they'll be good friends some day!

With that out of the way, it's time to get on to the business of new years and new words.
2017's year was BEYOND  And it suited the year perfectly.  I did ugly love.  I did lose fear and try new things.  It was a year of highs and lows I never expected.  It was truly beyond expectation.
As I thought about this year, I was trying to decide between ponder and joy.  Neither word excited me, but I felt drawn to choose between the two of them.  As I asked the Lord, He gave me a new word.  I told him, "no" to his word because no one picks a word like that.
Since I refused to go with His word, He told me to ponder joy.  Really, Jesus- ponder joy?  First that sounds completely clich…