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April 15

4 days.

If I make it at work 4 more days and the people working security at the airport show us favor, Camilla and I will be headed to the Bahamas.  And I couldn't need it more.

I'm tired.  And emotional.  And lonely.  And overwhelmed.  And ready to quit my life. 

I'm not sure a 4-day getaway with Camilla would be my ideal refresher weekend, but it sounds perfect.

Snorkeling and kayaking and chocolate-touring with my absolute favorite little blonde girl- who happened to spend this weekend at the beach and is perfectly crispy.

Please pray.

Seriously, it is tricky to travel out of the country alone with a child.  We have all the right paperwork, but please pray that the employee working on Thursday evening agrees that we have the right paperwork. 

Pray that we have a safe trip and find our hotel easily. 

Pray our luggage makes it.

Pray we get to the boat on time.

Pray that we stay healthy.

Pray that my students learn stuff (that they're supposed to be learning) while I&#…

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