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We're Moving!!

I've been waiting for YEARS to write this blog post.  I thought I would be all emotional, and that is probably coming, but I'm pretty unemotional right now.  In that vein, here are the details...

Where: Deerfield, IL
This is everyone's favorite first question.  Deerfield is the company's new corporate headquarters and is a northern Chicago suburb.  Yes, we get it's going to be a lot colder and snowier than we're used to!  For now, we're choosing to look forward to the fun of changing seasons and a different climate.  We haven't seen real snow since 2007, so we are truly going to enjoy it.  I'm also looking forward to introducing Chicheme to cold weather.  His heavy coat is going to be so relieved!

When: late June (between the 16-28)
We don't have this date completely nailed down because Tony has to figure out some work details.  Graduation is my last job responsibility and is June 15.  Our Panamanian residency expires June 28th, so we will leave b…

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