Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Pictures!

Happy Resurrection Day!  We've had a wonderful day celebrating Easter with some friends, but I wanted to share a few, blurry pictures.  We should have taken actual family pictures, but I didn't think about it soon enough.  So, you get some cell phone pictures! (And Carson got out of his dressy clothes the second we got home.  No pictures of him!)

My beautiful oldest daughter the fashionista! 
(who is in flat shoes- she's just that tall next to my 6ft self!)

The little blond girl!
(who's no longer a little girl, but well on her way to her tween years- still as sweet, and blond, as ever!)

The Bits!
I wish you could know how much she loves looking "fabulous."  She's my girliest girl- when she's not being a jedi with Carson!

Tony and Me!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So Much Has Happened

But, there is so little I can update. I don't keep secrets, and there are none to be had. 

We have just had a crazy few weeks.  I've accepted that this is the season we are in, and, most of the time, I love it.  But, it exhausts me so I don't come share on the blog.

I'd love to tell you about my amazing oldest daughter.  You cannot even imagine how much this child amazes me.  And humbles me.  I want to spend the next 6 paragraphs telling you all about her, but she'd die of embarrassment, and then, I would miss her.  So, I don't share on the blog.

The Holy Spirit's movement in our life has been radical.  We've been radically changed.  Renewed.  Encouraged.  I want to tell you all about that, but there simply aren't enough words to describe it. Let's get together for coffee, and I'll share it all with you.

Home schooling this year has been amazing.  So much covered.  And uncovered.  We've learned so much. And realize how much we have to learn. I'm grateful without bounds for this year, but is it something that everyone else wants to read about?

Life has been painful.  I've cried more tears this year than I think I ever have before.  Tears for me.  Tears for people I love.  Tears for people the Lord has placed in my life.  Is that what year 35 brings you in this life?  An awareness of how painful life is?  We- humans- are so broken, so wounded, so fragile.  We pray around this house that the Lord would break our hearts from what breaks His.  He has been faithful to show us.  Our hearts have faithfully broken.  It's beautifully painful, but I don't dare share it all on the blog.  All of this isn't my story to tell.

Life will slow down soon enough.  And, I'll have the energy to decipher what should go on the blog, what should go in my journal, and what should forever stay in my heart.  I am so thankful for each of you who click on the blog each morning.  I'll do better at updating, but know that we are well. Know that we are pressing forward through pain and happiness.  Know that we are at peace.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


For our family, March is a time of remembering.

March 13, 2004:  The day that Carson David entered our lives.  There's that old expression about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Well, Carson came in like a lion- 20 days early- and has been roaring ever since.  Determined.  Confident.  Stubborn.  Strong willed.  He's 10 years old, and, he's spent every minute of that decade perfecting his leadership skills.  I should probably hire him out as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies so he can train their CEOs.  If nothing else, it would give me a break from trying to lead him.  :)  He's also the most intuitively sensitive kid I've ever met.   Introverted.  Thoughtful.  Compassionate.  He's equipped to rule the world, but he'd rather take care of it.  From his vantage point on life, he desires nothing more than to be a missionary who hikes to villages never before touched with the Gospel.   He has all the details worked out.  As he tells me about it, I realize I believe him.  He's going to do whatever he decides he desires to do. No more trying to lead this child.  I'm just thankful that he'll let me walk next to him.

March 15, 2011:  We moved to Panama.  Three years.  Has it been that long?  Has it only been that long?  I feel it all.  We spent all Christmas break praying over our next step.  Our original term has come to an end.  Our next move?  Our next location?  Here.  We're not leaving anytime soon.  God isn't done with us.  We're here until He tells us to go.  I've never felt more fully at peace during any other single moment of my entire life's story.  What does tomorrow look like?  I have not a clue.  But I'm confident in the One who knows.

March 21, 1995:  Tony asked me to be his girlfriend.  I said, "yes."  I'm pretty sure that 19 years ago I didn't envision where that yes would lead.  This life isn't what I expected.  Chloe and her friends like to chat with me about when I was a kid.  (which, in their minds, happened in black and white)  They almost always want to know what I wanted to be when I was their age.  "Did you want to be married?"  No.  "Did you want kids?"  No.  "Did you want to home school (the kids I didn't want)?"  No.  Then, they laugh about how foolish I was.  Because, you know, 6th graders know everything.  And, as I think about ir, I laugh about how foolish I was.  I thought that my plan was so grand, and I thank God that He ignored my plan.

As we've celebrated all these occasions, I've gotten to see just how perfect the Lord's plan is for each of us.  We had two families over for Carson's birthday.  Each of my kids had a friend for them to play with.  Not one of those families did we know when Carson was born.  Or when we moved to Panama.  We just met one of these families last fall.  And, yet, I'm aware that I need these exact people in my life in this exact season.  I couldn't make it through my journey without doing life with these people.  And God knew it.  He knew Chloe needed a really good friend.  He knew we needed people to keep being our friends after we left the school.  He knew I needed dear friends.  He knows just what we need. 

And, it's my pleasure to get to remember and celebrate.

Friday, March 14, 2014


After we finished up at the Observatory, we stopped at Baja Fresh for a quick lunch, and then it was off to LACMA.  Chloe and I visited the museum when we were in Los Angeles in October of 2012, and we knew that the rest of the family would love it!

Grandpa in the "spaghetti."  I don't remember the real name for this art piece.

Camilla is gorgeous even in yellow plastic tubing.

Metropolis 2

is absolutely


I love all things fashion, so I was thrilled to discover there was a Diane Von Furstenburg exhibit.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Griffith Observatory


From the Observatory, there were amazing views of Los Angeles including the Hollywood sign.  In honor of Hollywood, we'd like to share our best paparazzi photos with you.  (None of which were posed.  We're just really this fabulous.)

Chloe- her movie star self
(With people- well, Grandma-in the background making awkward faces)

Coralynn and I standing in the front lawn of the Observatory.   Photo credit to my PI-wannabe husband

Coralynn enjoying the freedom of running on the lawn.  She was amazingly well behaved the entire trip, but she definitely enjoyed the opportunity to run and not worry about holding someone's hand.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

These people!

I love my family.  I just do.  I feel so grateful that these people get to be my people.  I love the ocean.  I'm not a nature person, but I love the enormity of the ocean.  I love that it makes me feel so small, so insignificant.  I love the perspective.  I love that God gave us the oceans, and He gave me these people.  I am so thankful for these blessings...


even if my family is nuts!

Friday, February 28, 2014

LegoLand California!

(Apparently, I caused some concern with my casual mention of Chloe's trip to the ER.  She accidentally dropped a work-out weight on her cheek so we headed down for some x-rays.  All was fine!)

Our first full day of vacation was spent at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad.  Before we left for our trip, I had read some very mixed reviews about LL, and we almost made the decision not to go.  I am SO glad that we went because we had the best time.  The combination of beautiful weather and small crowds made for a great 7 hours at the park!

This little girl slept very hard after a long day of traveling.  She was beyond amazingly behaved at LegoLand.

Feet at LegoLand

Dad and Mom/
Grandpa and Grandma

Camilla rocking the sunglasses.

Our first rollercoaster- Coralynn was such the coaster girl!


Becoming a movie poster!

Grandma and Camilla

My people!

Racing up the tower!

Mommy and Carson!

It's absolutely amazing what all they made with Legos!  Here's the Sydney Opera House.

The Statue of Liberty.

R2D2 with Camilla (who isn't made from Legos)

My girlies with "Master Yowa"

Millennium Falcon

My favorite Jedi!

The Hollywood Bowl!

uh-oh!  Looks like the ladies got themselves in trouble!
So pitiful!

The cutest jouster ever!

Big slide!

Camilla's pretty fast on that!

Bits' driving school!  She was so fast she got a flat tire!

My crew!

Grandparents with the Cs!