Monday, January 19, 2015

Halfway There!

3 Weeks from ToDaY we will be at Disney World!  Woohoo!!!

That's the good news.  Then, there is Carson.

He's not exactly bad news.

He's more "Take Up A Lot of Time" news.

Short version of the story: (Cue laughter at the thought I could make any story short.)  Carson went to a basketball camp the first week of January.  The Wednesday or Thursday of camp, he began limping.  Sunday, he ran a 3-mile race.   What normally takes him about 24 minutes took him over 30.  Because I'm in the finals for the "Mom of the Year" award, I assumed he just wasn't applying himself.  Tony took him to basketball that afternoon.

Normally, the little kids don't get to play because it's for the dads.  This particular Sunday didn't have many adult participates so Carson got to play.  After basketball, Tony came in and explained to me how Carson had limped the entire time.  Maybe there was something going on?

Cut to PT's office:  After a series of tests, we find out that, not only has Carson whacked out his hip, he has fairly severe hypoflexibility.  For the non-medical blog readers, hypolflexibility means "the boy don't bend" which is apparently a pretty big deal to correct BEFORE he hits serious growth spurts.

What does all of this mean?

Carson has to stretch 3 times a day, every day, for pretty much forever.  He also has to do exercises once a day, 5 days a week for at least a month.  And, until he can get back to his normal running routine, he (which translates "we") goes to the pool for training 4 times a week.

That is the short (pretty short, right?) version of the Carson story.  Pray for us:  That he'll do what's necessary for him to get better.  That he will get better.  That I won't completely lose my patience with him.

But, yah, did I mention we leave for Disney World in 3 weeks?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Challenge. Day 8.

Hope everyone has been having an amazing start to 2015!  We've been enjoying beautiful breezy summer days here in Panama with highs in the uppers 80's.  Can't get better than that!

The 40-day Challenge has been going well.  The little girls and I are 100% on the challenge.  Go us!  Chloe had a bite of ice cream to be gracious, so we're giving her that.  Tony has had incredibly long days, but he has been praying as much as possible.  And, really, who's going to fault him for that?

Carson has had basketball camp every day this week from 9-4.  That is a lot of basketball!  He missed practicing the bass yesterday because he was gone from the house from 8:45am-8:45pm.  Fair enough.  He'll practice for 30 minutes today, and we'll consider it even.

I have been so pleased with myself for going to the gym everyday.  I started back with the Couchto5k program that I so love.  The first week of the program is complete with zero difficulties.  Well, zero difficulties  until yesterday. I was transitioning from walking to running. I stepped down, and I felt my knee kind of twist.  The kind of twist was followed by this shooting pain.  Fun!

I finished my workout, and I went about the rest of the day.  This morning I got up, and my knee felt perfectly normal.  Until, I got on the treadmill again.

I finished C25k Week 2, day 1 without excruciating pain, but I certainly don't want to push this too far.  It would be total foolishness to really push this and end up in agony when I'm walking around Disney World.

So, I'm taking tomorrow and/or Saturday off.  Tomorrow is a holiday in Panama so Tony will be home.  Depending how I feel, I may take the dog on a long walk,b but I think the treadmill is a no until Sunday.

How about you? Sticking with your resolutions?

Friday, January 2, 2015

40-Day Challenge

Happy New Year!! I spent yesterday destroying the children at Skip Bo!  Woohoo!!

Our trip to Disney is now 39 days away, but we decided on New Year's Eve what our individual and family 40-day challenges are going to be.  The original idea for these challenges was Chloe who loves a resolution.  At the same time, Tony and I had just finished watching a show about living like someone else for 30 days.  It inspired us that we needed to make some changes.  Poof!  The 40-day challenge was born.

I won't be blogging everyday (because that would be its own challenge), but I will post regularly so you can keep us accountable.  Some of us have dos and don'ts.  Others just have dos or don'ts! Without further adieu, here are our challenges...

Family Challenge:

Do:  Every Monday evening has become Spanish night.  Everyone must speak only in Spanish.  This potentially makes for a very quiet Monday.

Don't:  No more eating out for the next 40 days.  I. Am. Going. To. Die.  This is both a health and a financial challenge.  After our splurge-y trip to Vegas and our upcoming trip to Disney, we've spent more money than normal.  (All out of funds.  No debt.  Ever.  That's the life challenge.)  This has taught me that I'm willing to spend less - lots less- in some areas so that we can travel more.  Cutting back on dining frees up more money to save for trips, and the health benefits will be an added perk!

Individual Challenge:

Do:  Spend 20 minutes a day in focused prayer.  Not while driving.  Not while running.  Not as part of Bible study.  20 minutes of complete devotion to prayer.

Lisa (Me!):
Do:  Exercise (at least 15 minutes) a day- everyday.  (I should have made my Word of the Year I. Am. Going. To. Die.)
Don't:  No chocolate.  (See?  Really I. Am. Going. To. Die.)

Do/Don't:  Eat an entirely vegan diet.

Do: Practice the bass guitar 15 minutes every day.
Don't:  No teasing his sisters.  (In his defense, I think he takes more teasing than he dishes out, but I so respected his choice of this that I let it go.)

Do:  Read 17 minutes a day.  (I have no explanation for her current love affair with the number 17.)

Do:  Brush twice a day.  Once right when she gets up in the morning, and once before bed.
Don't:  No waking up the siblings when Little Miss Early Bird gets up.  (Everyone is super supportive of this goal.)

So, there you have it!!!

After the end of Day 1, we have all successfully completed the challenge.  I will admit to crying about the fact that I have to make every meal for the next 40 days.  This is pitiful, but true.  After I got done crying, I was going to have some Reese's Pieces to make it all better.  Chloe reminded me of the no-chocolate portion of my challenge.  Thanks, dear.  More crying.

Today has brought better outlooks, and there is a chance that we might all survive this!  Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Word of the Year!!

It's that time of year again- when the year ends and a new year begins!!  And, that means it's time for our annual "Word of the Year."  I've been so busy playing that I had almost forgotten about this tradition, but during a time of prayer, the Lord brought it back to me.

Originally, I thought my word was going to be live because I want to live every moment of 2015.  Oh, speaking of that, did I mention that we're going to ...

(isn't Coralynn's handwriting getting good!)

Originally, Tony and I planned to go to Dubai for our anniversary, but after some prayer, we decided we'd do two smaller trips.  Vegas was all about romance.  Disney is all about family.  

Of course, then, live was the perfect word.  I've also been upfront about dealing with depression and anxiety, and I wanted this year to be the end of those so I wanted to focus on living.  As I prayed, though, the Lord kept bringing another word to me, healing.  

Interesting word.


As I prayed through that word, I began to hear God's heart for me.

I'm way too black and white.  Way too straightforward.  I like to accomplish one thing before I start on the next.  I remember in college spending 12 straight hours writing a paper because I didn't want to lose the momentum. Then, when it was done, I would move on to the next assignment.  I try to live my life that way.  Accomplish this task.  Move onto another. Super linear.  

I'd really like my spiritual life to work the same way.  Discover issue.  Work through issue.  Issue over.  Move on to the next. After all issues and hurts have been successfully overcome, living may begin.

Ok, now that I see it typed out, I realize the folly in that line of thinking.

This year, my word is a phrase.  I'm giving myself permission to break the rules.  You know, cuz it's my blog and all.  This year my Word of the Year is Live Healing.  Life isn't about everything being fixed or right or accomplished or done before beginning the next task.  Life is about living in and through the hurt and weakness and wounds.  In that living, healing can blossom and grow and flourish.

So, although my life is far from perfect (laughing at the thought it ever will be), I am going to live.  I am going to laugh and love and have joy while I walk deeper into the heart of the Father who brings total healing.  I'm not going to wait for perfect anymore.  (did you just hear Tony exhale- loudly?)  

2015- Live Healing

(And stayed tuned for tomorrow.  Tony, the kids and I are going to start a 40-day challenge.   We leave for Disney in 40 days, and we're challenging ourselves to individual goals!)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!!

 December 18, 1999, Tony and I were married.  For the next 5 days, as we were on our honeymoon, I threw up.  Gotta love the stomach flu!  Our anniversary trip made up for our miserable first vacation!

After flying first class on Copa Airlines (our FAVORITE airline), we arrived in Las Vegas about 3:00pm.  We went straight to check into the Wynn.

Tony had booked us in the beautiful Tower Suites, and this was the private entrance so the Tower Suites guests don't have to deal with the main lobby.

After we got over the AMAZING room (You Can't Even Imagine This Room), we headed out to explore the famous Las Vegas Strip. This picture was taken just a few steps outside of the Wynn.

When we returned to the room, we found this dessert waiting for us to help us celebrate our 15th anniversary!

We were only on the 25th floor, but the view was amazing from our room when we awoke.  The mountains in the background were breathtaking.

This is Tableau, the restaurant where we had our complimentary breakfast.  Duck hash, lemon ricotta pancakes, egg Benedict.  I could eat brunch for every meal.  

We decided to have A&E day, and we went to the Gold &Silver Pawn Shop made famous on the show, Pawn Stars.  It looks identical, but it is tiny.

We checked out some new diamond rings for me to replace the faux diamond I currently wear, but we decided we had better ideas for the $16000 they were asking for our favorite ring.

After a quick Trader Joe's run, we decided to go walk the Strip.  4.5 hours later, we had had an amazing time, and I was well aware that I was completely out of shape!

Chloe has Paris in her heart so we had to send her the Las Vegas version.

Here we are in the lobby of the Bellagio.  Without a doubt, I'm a huge fan of the Wynn.  If we ever return to Las Vegas, we'll definitely stay there, but I loved the Bellagio and the Venetian,

If Chloe's heart belongs to Paris, mine belongs to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  So fun to shop an entire store devoted to the love.

Love it or hate it, Vegas is known for gambling so Tony and I decided we just couldn't leave without saying we played a game.  We found an employee who could explain to us how to work the slot machines.  (Talk about pitiful.)  We put in our dollar, pressed the buttons, and doubled our money!  We printed out our voucher, cashed out, and congratulated ourselves for "beating" Vegas!

Everyone says to see the water show at the Bellagio.  It was gorgeous!

Another dessert from the Wynn to celebrate 15 years!

We made the decision that we were too close to the Grand Canyon to not "swing by."  The 4.5 hour round trip was SO definitely worth it!  

It's "so big!"

I'm not sure what I was thinking on December 18, 1999.  I'm positive that nothing I dreamt of compared to the WILD journey our married life has taken.  I'm so grateful for these years and the life we've lived during them.  I'm even more grateful to an amazing husband who has faithfully guided our family through the years.  (And I'm super grateful that he went slightly completely overboard spoiling me with this amazing second honeymoon!)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Re-entry Sickness!

We spent our 15th anniversary here...

(This was just our room at the Wynn's Tower Suites!  Not the lobby, but just 1800 square feet of our luxurious room!)

Then, we returned to hit Christmas Eve service, Christmas morning, and New Year's prep.  The blog has been quiet because we've been busy living it up!

Stay tuned this week for our Las Vegas review, and this year's "Word" post!

Merry Christmas- a bit belated!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One of Those Moments

When you look down from what you're doing, and see your four-year-old.  She's happily playing a game all by herself.  Because all the other kids are gone, you've had an extra moment to do "fun hair," and she's clearly pleased with your work.  You look down, and you feel like you're going to explode from the rush of love you have for that sweet child.  Not because she's the cutest, or the smartest, or the most anything.  The overwhelming love you feel is simply because she's yours.