Finally.  Died on October 5th.  Just got it back which sounds terrible except the process required a friend taking it to the US and sending it to my mom.  My mom sent it to Dell who fixed it and sent it back.  My mom then sent it to Florida to my friend who I was visiting over Veteran's Day weekend. 

In light of that, I got my computer back really quickly!

So much has happened.  So much to blog.  Stay tuned!!


So, I missed blogging on my birthday because my hard drive on my brand-new-in-July computer crashed.  It crashed on my actual birthday.  That's just not ok.

But the day ended up still being super great, and the computer is under warranty, so we'll probably all be ok.

Speaking of being okay, I've learned something over the past few weeks.  Gratitude breeds gratitude.

I'm Captain Obvious, I know, but it's just become so apparent to me that the more time I spend thinking about being grateful, the more I realize there is to be grateful.  And, the more time I spend thinking about gratitude, the more I realize that I'm really so very minute in this world.  My life is total vapor-rific.  And, the more I recognize my own insignificance in the grand scheme of life, the more my heart opens to see more clearly how great God the Father is.  It really is the coolest paradigm.

And, today, I had another opportunity to sit back and just try not to explode with gratitude.


38 364/365

Tomorrow's my birthday.
I love celebrating birthdays and not just mine.  I love making a big deal out of birthdays.
This year, I have a special appreciation for the milestone of my birthday.
And, I can't really explain it.  
Maybe it is looking at the heartbreak in Las Vegas, or
Maybe it's seeing the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, or Irma, or Maria, or the earthquake in Mexico.
It could be just an "I'm getting older" thing.
Also possible is that the Lord has spoken to my heart in a different way.
But this year, this birthday, I'm walking into October 5 with a sense of total amazed gratitude.

You know those moments when your heart is so full that you are fairly convinced it will explode, and you are totally okay with that because the love is too much to carry?  That was this picture. As you can see, Carson is in his basketball uniform having a piano lesson.  Pretty mundane, yes?
It's what you don't see in this picture that makes my heart happy.  …

It's the Little Things...

Just feeling the need to rejoice in the little things this afternoon...

~Carson hasn't had a migraine in a few weeks.         I didn't share about those because I was so angry he was having them.  My life has been forever altered my migraines, and I didn't want him to walk that road.  He had one in the spring, but then he had 3 in 5 days at the beginning of the month.  Every step I've taken toward clinging to Jesus turned into rage that the Father would allow this for my son.  Carson is doing better; Jesus and I are, too.
~My boss prays for me.       I've made no secret of the fact that this school year has been terrible for me.  The vast majority of that has been my reactions to events- my mental place.  Regardless of the reasons, it's been a difficult year.  Today, I had a meeting with my boss, and she asked me a pointed question about stuff going on in my life.  She looked me in the eye.  And, I instantly knew she cared.  Yes, she has some vested interest in…

I have no idea...

As I'm scrolling through Facebook tonight (when was the last time I had time to do that), I'm again reminded once again that I have no idea how forever works.

I look at people's pictures of their forever homes and their forever dreams coming true, and I realize my life works in moments.

Tony has been in the US this week.  He's been having meetings and networking.  He calls at night (or 5 times a day like today) with updates about what our tomorrow looks like.  Sometimes the tomorrow is two years away.  Sometimes tomorrow really is tomorrow.

I try not to reel from it all.  My stomach churns, and my heart races.  I've cried and yelled.  I've tossed and turned.  I get ready in the morning and try to cover the emotions of the night before in layers of makeup.  I teach history with my mind racing to wonder what the next page of my story will look like.  My kids come home and tell me about their days, and all I can do is ponder what the next day holds.

Sometimes, I l…

What A First Week! And Whales!

Last week, the first week of school, was something else.  Something like terrible.  Really, really bad. I wanted to quit.  The irony of that is not lost on me.  I wanted to quit when the Lord had already given me the word to finish well.  Nice, Lisa.

Saturday, we were scheduled to go whale watching because when we went last year, it was miserable weather, and we barely saw whales.  Even with that, it was an amazing time, but I wanted to try again and have whales and sun!  My family had almost zero interest.  Coralynn was all in, but everyone was else was on the spectrum ranging from "heck no" to "I guess I could muster the will to go."

So, I scheduled the trip.

Quick aside:  I'm a pushy person.  And I don't like to miss out on life.  This combination means that once I've made the decision to go find whales, you had better believe that we're looking for whales.

Of course, rainy season decided to start in July, so the weather has been miserable.  I k…

New Year's #2

One of the things I love most about our crazy expat life is that we get what feels like a second New Year's Eve.  We complete the school year in June, and then we take a break from life and vacation during July.  We return to the US and do whatever we want.  (Or whatever we can do around the kids' camps!)

I'll share some of my favorite moments about those soon, but tomorrow, 2017 part 2 starts. Tomorrow is the first full day of school for my students. Life is officially off pause.  Music lessons have started. Panamanian traffic has returned.  There's no sleeping in or staying up late.  Hopefully, exercise will come back soon.

I love the fresh feeling.  I love the new start.  I love all the potential and optimism that a new school year brings.  Everyone is excited, and I thrive on that energy.  I'm not the perky one in the halls right now.  I'm just one of the crowd.  It's amazing.

My prayer for this year, on the night before the first full day of school, is…