Guest Blogger!

Lisa is gone for the day to a wedding in the interior of Panama, and so it is my (Tony, Lisa's husband) duty to carry on the blogging torch. Please do not click the X button on the top right corner yet. I have complete creative license on this one, so who knows what's coming! 

We have had a really great day today and the kids and I have done all sorts of things that constitute a fun-filled Saturday. I do love spending time with them! However, it just is not the same when Lisa is not with me or with us. She is the engine that runs our family and the one person that keeps our collective sanity in check. If you know Lisa very well, you know that she is one of the most talented and incredibly amazing persons that you have met. After 22 years of being in relationship together and 17 years of marriage, I am just beginning to uncover the layers to her complex and compelling personality. One of my absolutely favorite things about her is her ability to take an idea or a thought and put it in motion faster than you can believe. When I talk about efficiency at work, I almost always use Lisa as the best example of efficiency and productivity in my life. I know she could do my job and many other's jobs likely better than they could.  This is what makes Lisa so incredible - her ability to give her best to those that really don't deserve it, like me.  This is a Christ-like attitude and one that I admire her for. 

The picture below is hot off the press from the wedding today. It embodies the sweet, fun-spirited, loving, whimsical person that I have the privilege of living my life with.  I love her with all of my heart and pray that so many others are able to know her and be impacted by her awesomeness. Oh, and love the earrings, Lis!


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