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October 8. So Proud.

(photo courtesy of
I make no apologies for how much I love this kid.  He's my only boy, but my love for him has nothing to do with that.  (I, in fact, grow beyond tired of people talking about how Carson is special because he's our only boy.  Um, no.  Each of my girls is special, too.  Ok?  Everyone on board with that?  Moving on)
I make no apologies for how much I love Carson.  His personality is unlike any child I've seen before.  He's all in with life, and I love that about him.  He's competitive and encouraging.  He's stubborn and sensitive.  He's an enigma but unrelentingly consistent.  He engages my mind and my heart.  He's also my running partner.  He's capable, confident, and caring. He's athletic, academic, and friendly.   I've always been proud of him.
Today, though, I'm feeling a new level of pride.  Today, he made me, as a grown up, proud.  Moms are proud people.  Comes with the territory, a…

It's My Birthday, and I'll Blog If I Want To...

This weekend was the best.  I got to get dressed up and go out to a fancy dinner with friends.  Twice. I ate INCREDIBLE Indian food.  I got to enjoy a 3-hour dance practice with some amazing ladies. I got to spend alone time with the hubby at Costco.  I got to give out Mucinex.  Pretty much a rockstar weekend!!!
Because of Tony's work schedule this week, we decided it was best to celebrate with the 6 of us yesterday.  My kids gave me sweet presents, and I felt very loved.  The picture of the day, though, represents the love affair that Tony and Chloe were having with the top of the birthday cake they bought me.

Instead of putting the candles in the cake, Chloe held them.  I got to enjoy a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" with Chloe yelping in the background as the wax dripped on her arm.  That, my friends, is dedication.  To the top of a store-bought cake.

Um.  Ok?? (But I did feel incredibly loved which is the best place to be.)

Bonus Post...

Y'all.  Coralynn walked in the room just as I was publishing the last blog.  This was too fabulous to ignore, so I just published it 4 hours later.

Bits: (excited, happy voice) Mom.  You are totally going to freak out when you hear this.
Me:  Ooooohh, tell me!
Bits: I'm in love with someone.
Me:  You are!  (trying not to get preachy on the innocent 5-year-old)  What makes you be in love with him?
Bits: (oozing with ooze) He's so cute!
Me:  (dying laughing on the inside- cool and calm on the outside)  Is he in love with you?
Bits:  (suddenly very serious)  No.  He pretty much hates me.
Me: (dying laughing on the outside but acting very concerned)  Oh no!  Why do you say that?
Bits:  Because when I sit by him he does this...

I'm pretty sure I haven't laughed that hard in YEARS.

2 for 1

Yesterday's picture which you can file under "Issues of the Brilliant":

When Carson thinks, Carson rubs a pen on his back.  When Carson thinks while holding a 2-ended Sharpie, Carson accidentally takes off the lid and rubs the Sharpie on his back leaving a huge pen stain on his back.  This is day 4.  He may have tattooed himself.

Today's picture is brought to you by Camilla, AKA The Child Made to Love Well,

I subbed today, but I got up later than I should have.  I was running late, so I asked Camilla to throw a frozen burrito in a lunch box for me.  The napkin was a fun surprise I didn't expect but was pleased to receive.

(quick edit: another blog will be posted at 7 tonight.  You'll want to see it.)