Bitty Theology

Coralynn had a tooth removed today, and she isn't great when it comes to pain.  She's brave in the chair, but I know that we were going to have our hands full dealing with the next few hours.  She got home about 20 minutes ago, and she was sitting on my lap eating sherbet and moaning.  Rather without thinking about it, I said, "Jesus take the wheel."

She looked at me for a minute and asked,"Why do you say Jesus and not God?"

Me:  "I don't know.  Because Jesus is the better driver?"

She paused for another few minutes.

"But, God is the Dad..."


I hope you are having a peaceful inauguration day.  I know tensions are running high- they are in my heart, too.  The historian in me loves today because the peaceful transfer of power is what makes America great.  But, well, there's a the but.  I have no intention of some political diatribe.  Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying.



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