Real quick

Hey all!

I'm headed to bed.  Yes, it's not even 9, and I'm heading toward bed.  9:30 is the absolute latest that I can stay up and still feel functional the next morning.  Tomorrow's a "late" morning (5:30 alarm), but my body just can't handle big swings of bed times.   Is that true for other people?

I just wanted to hop on and let y'all know that moving workout to Friday was amazing!!  I had so much energy Friday morning, and I never once felt exhausted during the day.  I think the excitement of the weekend pulled me through the day.  I'm super excited that this schedule might actually work!!

And, equally exciting, I think I might have a bicep muscle.  I was putting my hair into a messy bun Saturday morning, and I am pretty sure I saw a muscle.  I asked Chloe.  And, then I asked some friends.  They all think that maybe the saw it, too.  How cool is that!!

I'm thinking that Friday morning I'll take a picture of it.  Unless that's too much suspense for you. Don't want anyone losing sleep on account of my biceps.   ;)

Sleep well,


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