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Count Your Blessings...

(okay.  Just for the record, I hate that song.  It gets on my nerves quickly.)

Time for the Wednesday 7- a weekly listing of blessings and a chance to remember how blessed we are despite how circumstances make us feel.

~4 beautiful happy mostly healthy kids.

~Dear friends who still love me and encourage me to make new friends.  Friends who tell me they miss me and allow me to miss them.

~A husband who works hard to provide for our family while realizing God's ultimate provision.

~The gift of culture shock.  Hear me out, people.  I get to be completely aware that my life is completely different.  There is no illusion, no something feels off, no pretending.  This is way different, and I have only two choices.  I can either step up to the challenge or go back to bed.

~I chose to get out of bed today.

~A great mall close by that makes me feel like I get a break from all the different.

~Skype.  Seriously, how did/do people live without it in these situations?

~The biggest blessing- the…

My Flower Girls

Chloe Marie- 9 in July
 Camilla Rose- 5 in August

Coralynn Mae- 1 in May

Can you say "comfort zone"?

Rule Numero Uno when moving to a foreign country:  Find something familiar and run with it.  For me it's my favorite combination of eating and shopping.  So today, we went to the mall.  But in the name of daring and adventure, we tried a mall we had never been to.  Ooooohhhh.  Be impressed.  Yes, indeed, the kids, Grandma, and I hit the road.  We not only found the mall, but we found it on the first try!

After some shopping, we decided to check out the food court.  Kids got ice cream, Grandma got cookies, and I got una limonada.  (such a local I am!)  I have been working with the kids that we can't make fools out of oursleves or behave in a manner unflaterring to Americans.  Today, we got over ourselves.  I managed to take pictures of us eating, and, to prove the foolishness of the A. family, the kids danced like, well, like kids to the music and light show in the food court.  By the time we left, there was no question everyone in the food court was staring at us- with smiles.…

A classic.

So I know it is cliche, but I love so big!  (even if she is the Bits!)

Now to Now.

We are almost to the present day. 

March 9- Movers come to pack up our stuff.  I'm acutely aware that this is just stuff and has no true value in my life.  Those goodbyes will come later.  Denial ensues.  We move into a hotel.

March 11- Luncheon with a few people whom I have to tell exactly how they changed my life while I was in LaGrange.  These are my For-A-Time-Such-As-This Ladies.  Not necessarily people I spent the most time with, but people who picked my life up off of one path, and placed it on a better one.  Perhaps the greatest 90 minutes ever.

March 12- The house is completely empty.  Walking around it is surreal.  Seeing an empty baby's room with sweet Coralynn's name on the wall brings me to tears.

March 13- Carson's 7th birthday and our last Sunday at church.  Carson surprises us all by experiencing a PAINFUL goodbye.  None of us are expecting it, and everyone is stunned by the guttural reaction.  Chloe says goodbye to Libby.  I feel like I'm walking …

Where to start? At the beginning.

So, the goal was to have the background information all on the blog before we ever moved.  um.  That didn't happen so I'm going to share a brief version of the timeline just so everyone can basically be on the same page!!!

October 6- We return from a wonderful family vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida.  We loved the time together!!!

October 7- Tony calls me in the morning- early.  His boss has come in to let him know that he is being considered for a position overseas.  The person who is asking about him has heard that we have had another baby and wants to know if we are still interested in an ISE (CAT-speak for moving overseas).  I ask Tony where- assuming England.  He says, "Panama."  I say, "Like the canal Panama?  Isn't that where the people who screw up your paychecks work??"  His response is something like yes, but no.  Thanks, honey.  Helpful.

October 26- I receive the R U awake text.  Tony calls and tells me has officially been offered …