I've got nothing, guys.

That's what Chloe told me to say.

Because, I have nothing.

Actually, I have lots.  A migraine out of nowhere has me unnerved.   A president that I can't respect has be questioning.  Issues I can't fix have me out of control.

Is it possible to have so much to say that you can't say anything?  If so, that's where I am.

I hosted a brunch today.  I got to hear from new ladies and old friends.  My heart was so happy.  And my thoughts became even more bloated.

Have you turned on the news or social media in the past few days?  People won't shut up.  I mean, I don't think anyone ever takes a breath anymore.  Understanding has been replaced by volume.  Everyone is so convinced of their rightness that they refuse to listen.  To whom are they even speaking?

For my part, I'm going to offer you quiet.  I'm going to get a glass of cold water.  I'm going to drink it. Enjoy it.  And exhale.

Until Sunday,


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