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Word of the Year!!

It's that time of year again- when the year ends and a new year begins!!  And, that means it's time for our annual "Word of the Year."  I've been so busy playing that I had almost forgotten about this tradition, but during a time of prayer, the Lord brought it back to me.

Originally, I thought my word was going to be live because I want to live every moment of 2015.  Oh, speaking of that, did I mention that we're going to ...

(isn't Coralynn's handwriting getting good!)
Originally, Tony and I planned to go to Dubai for our anniversary, but after some prayer, we decided we'd do two smaller trips.  Vegas was all about romance.  Disney is all about family.  
Of course, then, live was the perfect word.  I've also been upfront about dealing with depression and anxiety, and I wanted this year to be the end of those so I wanted to focus on living.  As I prayed, though, the Lord kept bringing another word to me, healing.  
Interesting word.
As I …

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!!

December 18, 1999, Tony and I were married.  For the next 5 days, as we were on our honeymoon, I threw up.  Gotta love the stomach flu!  Our anniversary trip made up for our miserable first vacation!

After flying first class on Copa Airlines (our FAVORITE airline), we arrived in Las Vegas about 3:00pm.  We went straight to check into the Wynn.

Tony had booked us in the beautiful Tower Suites, and this was the private entrance so the Tower Suites guests don't have to deal with the main lobby.

After we got over the AMAZING room (You Can't Even Imagine This Room), we headed out to explore the famous Las Vegas Strip. This picture was taken just a few steps outside of the Wynn.

When we returned to the room, we found this dessert waiting for us to help us celebrate our 15th anniversary!

We were only on the 25th floor, but the view was amazing from our room when we awoke.  The mountains in the background were breathtaking.

This is Tableau, the restaurant where we had our compliment…

Re-entry Sickness!

We spent our 15th anniversary here...

(This was just our room at the Wynn's Tower Suites!  Not the lobby, but just 1800 square feet of our luxurious room!)

Then, we returned to hit Christmas Eve service, Christmas morning, and New Year's prep.  The blog has been quiet because we've been busy living it up!

Stay tuned this week for our Las Vegas review, and this year's "Word" post!

Merry Christmas- a bit belated!!

One of Those Moments

When you look down from what you're doing, and see your four-year-old.  She's happily playing a game all by herself.  Because all the other kids are gone, you've had an extra moment to do "fun hair," and she's clearly pleased with your work.  You look down, and you feel like you're going to explode from the rush of love you have for that sweet child.  Not because she's the cutest, or the smartest, or the most anything.  The overwhelming love you feel is simply because she's yours.