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Camilla Quotation

(I'm sorry.  I'm sure y'all are getting tired of these, but the blog also happens to be our family journal so I want them saved.)

You might spend too much time on airplanes...

Camilla:  Mom, why are Coralynn and me the only kids without our own electronic devices?  Carson even has two!
Me:  Sorry, Milla.  Maybe when you're older.

What kind of 6-year-old refers to kindles and the ds as electronic devices???

Okay. I'm here.

Goodness, I haven't blogged in a while.

It's been a pretty crazy month with lots of important discussions taking place.  My mind has been filled with those, and when that happens, the blog has to wait for my brain to free up some space or I receive permission to share.  Then I got the stomach virus which ended the blogging possibilies for a few days.

Now, I feel all better, and my brain has processed enough other information that I am blog ready!

It's 2013!  Can you believe it?  (Okay, I get that's it has been 2013 for over 3 weeks, but I already told you I was mentally occupied.)

Last year, I chose a word for the year.  Decrease.  That was my word.  Decrease.  And, overall, I feel like it was a decrease kind of year.

As I thought about a word for 2013, the Lord brought my mind back to a prayer time at Bible study last fall.  Two ladies prayed the same word over me- path.  That has to be word for 2013.  Path.

Staying on the path God has for me. 
Avoiding a grass-is-gr…

Another Coralynn Quotation

Carson:  Mom, can I have a banana?
Coralynn:  No.
CD:  Why not??
Bits:  Cuz, I said no.
CD:  But I want one!
Bits:  Oh Tay.  Donely one.  Dot it?  (Translation:  Okay.  Only one.  Got it?)
CD;  Ok.  Thanks.
Bits:  Well Come.  *Inserts finger back into mouth and continues watching TV*

Coralynn sings the hits.

Dancing around the family room happily singing the Barney classic, "I Love You," Coralynn is belting out, "You love me.  I love me.  I love Dartson (Carson).  We fam-lee."

Spiritual Truth

Carson:  Camilla!  You hurt me.

Camilla:  oh.  Sorry.  (no depth of emotion anywhere to be found)

Carson:  You shouldn't have kicked me.

Camilla:  The Bible never says that you shouldn't kick people in the butt, but it does say you should forgive.

Top Ten Things I Miss About the United States

(excluding my friends and family)

10.  Waffle House hash browns!

9.  Having a Yard!

8.  Calm Traffic and Smooth Roads!

7.  70 degree weather! 

6.  US-based ISP addresses to access whatever online!

5.  Wal-Mart!  (And, I'm not even a Wal-Mart fan!)

4.  Mail!

3.  Friendly Customer Service!

2.  Coupons!

And the number one thing I miss about living in the United States...
1.  English!

You might be getting old if

your six-year-old comes in the room and asks how old you are.

After a moment to remember (cue irony music), I say, "34."

"Oh.  Man."  Sits down in a humph.

"What's wrong with 34?"

"Nothing.  It's I just thought I'd read really far in this book, but I'm only to page 32.  I haven't made it to 34 yet!"

Yes.  You know your old when your age, in page numbers, is just too far for your 6-year-old to read.

And, it's even better when your 8-year-old chimes in, "Don't worry.  You're almost to Daddy.  He's only 33.  That's closer than Mom."

Mental picture.

I'm a word girl.  I think you know that, but lately, I've been noticing that I take more mental pictures.

I think it's Tony's fault.

As we approach our two-year anniversary in Panama, we have been spending more time talking about what the next step will be.  We talk about our goals for our remaining time in Panama, and what future we desire for our family.  Sometimes it is exciting to look at the globe and realize any of it could become our next home.  Other times, I want nothing more than to pull up the covers and just live in bed forever.  The uncertainty leads me to ponder more. 

And I find myself taking mental pictures more now...

I'm laying in bed on the first night of the cruise, and I see Chloe coming through the door from the adjoining room. 


I look at the picture I've taken.  Where did I get this young lady?  Am I old enough to have a child this grown up?  What happen to my insecure, but brave little girl?  She's confident.  She's beau…

Last Day at Sea- Cruise Review!

Picture of the hallway and elevators courtesy Chloe. Our last day on the boat was a day at sea.  We spent the morning leisurely going to breakfast, playing on the water slides, and getting ready to leave.  The kids went to Camp Carnival in the afternoon to learn some dance moves for the show they were to participate in later that day. One of the dance groups was a Break Dancing group called Fun Force.  We'd seen them perform two other times, and they were a family favorite.  They taught the kids some dance moves that they got to perform in the theatre on stage.  It was too cute, and Carson, in particular, loved it. He is a miniature version of my Grandpa G.  Grandpa G. would talk to anyone anywhere about anything.  Many of my childhood memories are of Grandma trying to get him to stop talking to everyone.  Carson would make Grandpa proud with his need to chat up total strangers. Of course, this meant that we had to go chat with Fun Force after the show.  He and Tony stood in line…

Cruise Review- Costa Maya, Mexico!

December 27 found us porting in Costa Maya, Mexico, on a very grey morning.  We were able to disembark at 7:30.  Our excursion left at 8:30 so we decided to hang out on the boat until closer to 8:00.  When we did leave, the weather was very cool, windy, and rainy.  I was very thankful that Costa Maya wasn't our beach day.  Instead, we headed to the Mayan ruins.

The Chacchoben ruins were an hour bus ride from the port.  We had a very chatty tour guide who won't be added to my Christmas list anytime soon, but the trip went smoothly, and the kids were very excited about seeing the ruins.

These ruins are much smaller than the Chichen Itza, another Mayan ruin location that I visited in high school.  Chacchoben was a beautiful location, though, and by the time we got there, the sky had cleared, and it was a beautiful day.
My family in tennis shoes.
Find Carson.
There's Camilla!
Okay- I'm so sorry to the lady in the picture, but it is just too cute of a shot of Chloe to pass…

Isla Roatan, Honduras.

December 26.  Day 5. Without question, the most beautiful place we visited was Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, Honduras. After two days of more active excursions, we were very excited for our Roatan plans- laying on the beach at Parrot Tree Resort.
Tony and Chloe pulling up with the kayak.
The younger three playing in the smooth, clear waters of the resort's lagoon.
The boat has arrived, and everyone enjoyed the kayak!
Camilla working her paddle pose!
Chloe wasn't feeling very well, so she was particularly glad that the day's activity was sit on the beach for 4 hours.
Carson taking his turn on the kayak.
After Camilla got a very bad burn shortly after we moved to Panama, we've learn to take sun protection seriously.  Sunscreen, rash guards, and hats equalled no burns for us! 
Coralynn loved being in shallow water so she could play freely instead of needing to be held or in her floaties!
The gorgeous Parrot Tree Resort.
Of course, Chloe's toes in the water in Roatan!

Christmas Day Review!!

Christmas Day we were super excited about heading to Belize City, Belize.  The stop in Belize was the reason I selected this particular cruise, and Camilla was beyond pleased that we were going to the zoo.  I didn't even realize that cruises had excursions to zoos, but they did, and we had a great time!  With little doubt, our stop in Belize made us completely fall in love with the country.  Tony quickly decided that his company needs to set up operations in the beautiful locale!  The place was absolutely stunning, and the people were so warm.  We definitely loved Belize! Because of the shallow waters and lack of a pier, the cruse ship is unable to port in Belize so we had to take tenders- small taxi boats- to the mainland. 
The tenders were the only motion-sickness-inspiring moments of the trip.
We eventually made it to the zoo, and Chloe had an opportunity to take a picture of her feet on the ground in Belize.
During the drive to the zoo, our tour guide let us know that we wou…