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LegoLand California!

(Apparently, I caused some concern with my casual mention of Chloe's trip to the ER.  She accidentally dropped a work-out weight on her cheek so we headed down for some x-rays.  All was fine!)

Our first full day of vacation was spent at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad.  Before we left for our trip, I had read some very mixed reviews about LL, and we almost made the decision not to go.  I am SO glad that we went because we had the best time.  The combination of beautiful weather and small crowds made for a great 7 hours at the park!

This little girl slept very hard after a long day of traveling.  She was beyond amazingly behaved at LegoLand.
Feet at LegoLand
Dad and Mom/ Grandpa and Grandma
Camilla rocking the sunglasses.
Our first rollercoaster- Coralynn was such the coaster girl!
Becoming a movie poster!
Grandma and Camilla
My people!
Racing up the tower!
Mommy and Carson!
It's absolutely amazing what all they made with Legos!  Here's the Sydney Opera House.
The Statue of L…

On the Way!

Sorry!  The promised picture posts are on their way, but life got more hectic than I expected (including an ER visit for Chloe).  The pictures are running late, but I promise they are coming soon!!!

Back from vacation!!!

So much to share, but I'm exhausted.  We got back Tuesday night, and there has been no break in the action.  For now, I'm going to take a deep breath, spend some time with my husband, and enjoy the quiet.  Pictures and stories will be coming tomorrow.  Love y'all!

In those 10 minutes

For reasons I can't completely explain, the Lord has given me a heightened awareness right now.  In even the most passing interactions, I'm super alert.  Almost hyper alert.  Every word seems to matter in a way it doesn't normally.

The other night I was at a birthday party for a friend's twin babies. There were lots of people there, and I did my best to say speak to everyone I knew if only for a few minutes.  You know, just the common courtesy sort of thing.  As I was coming out of the house with my plate of food, I passed a lady that I don't really know.  We were involved in the same function in the fall so we've spent time together, but I wouldn't really call her a friend.  More than an acquaintance less than a friend. You know those relationships.

We stopped and spoke for no more than 10 minutes.  I was teasing her that she's my workout role model.  She laughed and said something along the lines of, "You could workout all the time too, but then …

Where There's a Will

I'm so thankful for friends who find a way.

My life (like everyone else's) is busy.  I actually sat down last week and created an Excel spreadsheet weekly planner.  It's even color coded.  I sent it to Tony so he could tell me how amazing I am to juggle so much so effortlessly.  He told me that I did a nice job with Excel.  Close enough, right?

As I sat down trying to figure out where to schedule Spanish classes for myself, I wanted to cry.  Baby ballet, speech, basketball, youth group, grocery store, church, workout, school.  Everything takes up so much time.  I'm not an I-feel-important-when-I-am-busy kind of person.  This isn't what I want my life to look like, but I've come to accept it as a reality for this season of life.  At some point, my kids will be driving and grown and married and away, and I'll have the happiest lull in the schedule.

Until then, I'm not ready to give up me.  And me is an extrovert.  An other adults extrovert. 

I looked at …