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Watermelon Time!

Everyone has a favorite food.  For me, it's avocado.  No, it is cauliflower. Or maybe asparagus.   Ok, some people have lots of favorite foods, but Coralynn Mae has one.  Watermelon. 

VBS- Final days. Finally.

I need a seat belt or a safety rope or something.  I keep falling off the blog!  Between homeschooling the kids, taking Bits to speech therapy, and having important conversations with Tony, I just let the blog go.

But, VBS was SO amazing this year that it is definitely worth sharing the final pictures and words. 

Thursday of VBS is always water day.  I know that everyone doesn't share my love of water day, but I think it so much fun.  I guess I'm one of those people who just loves watching kids being kids.  Life is tricky for kids so getting to spend 25 minutes playing with water and slides just seems like a trip back to innocence.  They all have so much fun playing.  And kids playing makes me happy.

Camilla and her friend, Isabelle
Chloe and her friend, M
Carson taking on the Slip and Slide.
Chloe losing to the Slip and Slide.
Camilla and the Water Slide (love that face)
The Original Blond Squad: Grayce and Camilla
My extra assignment on Thursday of VBS week was to make cott…

Mysterious Ways

I know this is going to sound strange.  I just know it.  There are a few blog posts that I don't share because I fear they are too strange for either vast populations of my blog readers to handle.  Sometimes, though, I can't *not* share.  [I think that's a double negative.  My father is now irritated.  Keep reading, Dad!  There won't be no more!]  ;)  This is one of those times.  Because I have to share. 

Because you have to know God.  You just have to know Him, and how much He loves you.  I could try to sound all theologian-ish, but I use the word "theologian-ish" which means I'm immediately disqualified from being a theologian.  Ish.  In lieu of a dissertation in Greek and Hebrew and Scripture, you get me.  And how Jesus speaks to me.

Five days ago, we made the decision to get rid of Cosita.  She has always been a difficult dog, and we made the decision that she needed a new home where she could run and be wild.  She is not an apartment dog.  She's…

VBS- Day Three!!

The Wednesday of Vacation Bible School was so much fun.  The kids had really hit their groove, and I got to see all the kids' (mine and other people's) real personalities.  I love all the hugs from the kids who are having so much fun.  I had one little girl (who was maybe 7) tell me, "I wish I would've known about this when I was little!"  So great! The absolute best part of the day, though, was watching my kids tackle Tony when he walked in the door.  He left us on June 23 and returned on July 10.  We were all ready to see him, and we didn't even bother to let him get in the door before the smothering began.  VBS is great, but Daddy is way better!


I know I've taken a bit of a break between posts.  I have a few more pictures from my beloved VBS that I want to share, but I haven't.  Life has gotten busy.  We've been dealing with immigration/residency stuff which is always a lesson in patience building.  But, mostly, I've been reeling.

Reeling from 5 words spoken to me.   5 words spoken to me about a month ago. 

No one told me my kids were sick.  No one told me a loved one had died.  No one challenged the Truth of Jesus. No one told me much of anything like that.

Yet, I'm reeling.

reeling- having a feeling of being whirled about and in danger of falling down


How can 5 words with no tragic or life-changing consequences have me reeling weeks later?

This is one question I do know the answer to: because they made me question everything I thought I knew about... well, about.

I thought I understood.  Those 5 words told me I didn't. 

I thought I believed.  Those 5 words told me to question.

I knew.  Now,…

You might be a homeschooler,

if you have the solar system hanging above your dining room table...