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Word of the Year!

As many of you may remember, each year I choose a "word of the year."  The word is a sort of theme for the year.  I always ask the Lord for this word, and He is always faithful to give me a word.  This year, I didn't like my word. 

I was journaling a few weeks ago, and I let the Lord know that I would write whatever He told me.   I was nothing more than the pen manipulator.  I wrote as fast as the words came to my mind.  I was doing fine keeping up, but then I got my word.  (An aside:  I wasn't asking for the word.  I wasn't expecting to get the word.  It just came.)   I didn't like it, and I tried to stop and argue.  (I spend too much time arguing with the creator of the universe.)  As I kept writing, I was specifically told to blog my word.  Guess God knows I would have skipped that had I not been told otherwise. 

I let the word simmer for almost 2 weeks.  The Lord sweetly spoke to me for those two weeks, clarifying what He had for me with this word.  The…

Taking a blogging break...

We have been given some information that we need to pray over.
We have almost 2 weeks with Tony at home.
We are focusing on those things until the first of the year.
SO, the blog is taking a break.  Know that I love y'all so much.
I have much to tell you- good, bad, and ugly- but it will wait for 2014.


That is what's on my calendar for today.


We have the normal school and Spanish classes, but nothing else.

We just went through the craziest two weeks of recent memory, and I am so pleased to say that life has officially calmed down.

The programs have all be completed.  The lessons have all ended for the year.  The Christmas decorations are up, and the presents are all purchased and wrapped. 

Tony has 4 more days of work, and then he is off for the rest of the year.

We will then be ready to sit back and enjoy each other- without the pressures of life getting in the way.  Lord willing, we will start the new year refreshed and ready for what 2014 has for us.

Who knew that calm could be so exciting!?!