January 1

Welcome to 2017!  If you are here in Panama with us, I know the new year started with a bang!  Nothing says it's a new calendar year than 40 minutes of fireworks that sound like a reenactment of the invasion!  But, Cosita survived and here we are in 2017!

(Coralynn Mae)

No New Year is complete without a list of resolutions, right?  Wrong.  I'm not doing resolutions because I know I won't keep them because resolutions only work for people who see the world in black and white.  Those of us gray people don't keep resolutions because any number of circumstances could change our thoughts on them.  Instead, we do little changes!

With that understanding, here are three (little) changes I am making this year.

1.  Working with a Personal Trainer!

This is actually one that Chloe is doing and because I have to drive her and pay for the trainer, I am going to partake, too.  I have fallen way off my workout routine, so I am hoping this accountability (and expense!) will get me back on track.  And any opportunity to spend time with Chloe at 5:15 am sounds good to me!!

2.  Attending a Small Group Bible Study!

Since August of 2011, I've been involved with a weekly Bible study.  The chaos of last fall made me decide to step back from this commitment.  Um..big mistake.  Apparently, when I fell off the workout wagon, I misplaced Jesus, too.  That has not made anything better in my life, so I'm committing to this bi-weekly study.  Now, in the name of full disclosure, I have already done a few weeks of this study, so I've bought myself a little bit of time.  That doesn't change, however, my excitement at getting back in a group.

3. Playing with my kids!

Because I like to blame busyness for everything, I'm quick to tell my kids that I'm too busy to play.  Then, I go fiddle online for an hour.  Um.  This is not okay.  This year, I am going to make myself more available.  My littles are barely little.  And, really, only one of them is little, and she isn't going to stay there much longer.  It's now or never for playing.  I'm choosing now.  

Tony, Camilla, Coralynn and I finished this puzzle 
that Coralynn received for Christmas!

So, how about you?  New Year's resolutions or goals?   Let me know!!

See you tomorrow!


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