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Saturday Review: Our Last Day!

When Chloe and I made the decision to go to Los Angeles, I called Susan to ask for any suggestions she might have of things to do and places to go.  I was thinking shopping and eating locations because that is how my idea of a vacation works.  Food and stuff.  That's a vacation, right?  She suggested one restaurant, one museum, one observatory, and a hike.  Learning and exercise on vacation?  That's different, but I decided to take her up on it, and Tony was thrilled to find out we weren't going to shop for the entire 72 hours we were there.  First thing Saturday morning, we got up and headed to Runyon Canyon for a hike.  The weather was perfectly chilly and cloudy to guarantee we wouldn't melt or burn-  Two vital requirements off this treadmill runner's exercise list.  It was steep.  And dog filled.  And SO much fun.  It was also great, for the first time in my life, to be in shape and not have to worry about dying on the climb! Chloe and me at the beginning of…


I thought we should take a little break from our trip review to celebrate Chloe and Carson and their hard work.  They were both on High Honor Roll which is all As for a quarter.  This is Carson's 5th quarter in a row with straight As, and after much hard work, Chloe's first High Honor Roll.  Congrats to them both!  (and to Camilla, but 1st grade doesn't do honor roll.)

Friday's Review: Croissants, Cupcakes and Chloe!

Friday morning, my body decided that it was wide awake at 3:15.  That was a little earlier than I had intended to get up, but it was no big deal.  I stayed in bed for another 4 hours and pondered.  You know I like a good ponder!  When Chloe finally got up, we got ready and waited for Uncle Tim to meet us at 9:00.  Of all things, the hotel has a Foosball table, and Chloe completely destroyed me. For all Chloe's amazing traits, remembering to brush her teeth is not one of them, so I had to take this picture to prove to her Daddy that she did get them brushed. After Uncle Tim arrived, we headed back to the Farmers Market for my favorite Los Angeles breakfast- almond croissants!- and then we went back to the Grove for some focused shopping.
For reasons unexplainable to me, Chloe doesn't like croissants.  She settled on one of Bob's favorite donuts.  (Bob's is the name of a restaurant.  Not an homage to my Dad.)
Ah- the almond croissants!
Chloe and me at the Grove. …

Getaway Review- Thursday!!

Well, we should probably start on Wednesday because that's when everything got interesting.  I sat down Wednesday morning to print off our boarding passes.  As I was on Copa's website, I saw that you had to read and click the rules about leaving Panama.

When I did, I realized that I didn't have the required Spanish translations for Chloe's birth certificate.  I knew they needed the birth certificate, but I had no idea I was supposed to have notarized translations.  Cue panic.  I called Tony, and he immediately called our attorneys.  That was noon.  At 3:30, the attorney's office delivered what we needed to Tony at work.  Cue relief.

Thursday morning, we got up at 5:00 to be ready to leave at 6:00.  Our fabulous neighbor came over at 6 to send the kids to the other neighbor's house for a ride to school and to stay with the baby until my household helper arrived. 

We had no problem getting to the airport and were soon in the line for security.  Fortunately, we h…