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Day 30.

An A for Effort.

Do you have a cooking achilles heal?  That one dish that no matter how hard you try, it just never turns out.  I have one.  You know what it is?  Guess.  Instant mashed potatoes.  No matter how hard I try, I cannot make proper instant mashed potatoes.  We found out today that Chloe's no-work dish is chocolate zucchini muffins.  This was her second attempt.  Last Sunday, she made attempt one.  They weren't even edible.  Today's attempt was better.  They were okay, but not right.  I have no idea what she did wrong.  She followed the directions.  The measurements were right.  Cooktime was fine.  Muffins were just not good.  Edible, but not good.  She's determined to have victory, though, so we'll try again next week!

Day 29.

Good girl.

Cosita has a had a big day today.  First thing this morning, she and Tony went for a run.  Tony has been working with her so they can run together, but things hadn't been going well.  For whatever reason, it worked today so the two of them ran 3.1 miles.  She was clearly proud of herself.  Then, we got out her new collar and started training her on it.  Her hyper behavior has been missing today thanks to lots of exercise and her new collar.  I couldn't have been more pleased to see her sitting on the floor nicely letting the girls pet her.  I asked Tony to get the camera for me.  We took several pictures that I didn't love.  Then, I took this one.  She definitely gets that she's been a good girl today- even smiling for the camera!

Day 28.


Seven days.  Just one week.  Only 168 hours until my birthday!!  I love my birthday!  And it's next Friday!  woohoo!!  I can't wait to tell you all about my birthday plans...

Day 27.

A Little Splurge.

For all my healthy-living changes, I still am the worst lunch eater.  It's not that I make bad lunch choices.  I just don't eat which leaves me hungry and grumpy.  I heard on facebook about a local company that sells and delivers healthy lunches.  It is a little pricey, but Tony and I decided it was worth a try.  I must say that I'm completely spoiled.  I've had curried chickpeas, veggie taco salad, stuffed avocado, and this amazing veggie sandwich.  For years, we didn't spend any money on these kinds of luxuries, but I have loved this week of lunch being delivered to me everyday!

Day 26.


Years ago, probably 5-6 years ago, Chloe and my Dad decided they were twins.  I don't remember all the details surrounding that decision, but they've been "twins" ever since.  As a fifth grader, Chloe is part of her school's chapel service.  She is on drama team right now, and she's been asking me to go see her.  I was finally able to make it today.  I could not have picked a better day.  They were learning John 5 about the disabled man by the pool.  After Miss Spencer (formerly bestest 4th grade teacher, now bestest interim children's director) finished speaking, she had the drama team come up.  Chloe and two other children walked up, put on their costumes, and turned around facing the audience.

And there she was.  In her full bearded perfection.  And she and my Dad were twins.  Finally.  I was laughing and crying at the same time.  I'm not sure I even heard much of what she said.  I was completely overwhelmed with the beard.  Chloe and my Dad…

Day 25.

Bits Cam.

Ok.  So, now I'm behind on pictures, and it is irritating me.  We're going to catch up today!  Carson had another basketball game on Monday.  They lost.  The other team cheated.  Lots of whining, but not from Carson.  He just likes to get to play.  Unfortunately, someone said something unkind to him, and now, he doesn't think he's good enough to be on the team.   Carson lacking confidence is certainly a different kind of Carson than we're used to, but we're confident the phase will end soon! 

This picture is courtesy of Coralynn who is incapable of remaining seated for the entire game.  Or the entire quarter.  Or really even an entire minute.  In an attempt to keep her off the court, I gave her my old camera to play with.  This is her best shot!

Day 24.


I failed the mission.

I missed a day.

I had exactly enough energy last night to either post the blog or be pleasant to my family.

I went with pleasant.  And I went to bed at 8:30.

Day 23.

Looking lousy.  Feeling great.

Today's 5k plan was to run 3 miles at a comfortable pace.  Normally, I run my comfortable runs at a 10 minute mile.  I was feeling so amazing during the run that I decided to run the full 5k (3.1).  After 2.6 miles of 10-minute miles, I ran the last half mile in 4:01.  That gave me a 5k time of 30:01 which is my personal best!  (But the ugg at being so close to going sub 30:00 is there, too!)  I feel AMAZING!1

Day 22.

Track Meet.

Today, we went to Carson's first track meet.  It was hot, humid, and so much fun.  Carson competed in the 60 meter dash, the softball thrown, and a 4x50 relay.  He did fine, and his relay team earned a third-place medal. 

My favorite part was realizing that I love being the mother of a son.

My girls are SO much easier.SO much. My life would be smooth and tranquil with just these three girls, BUT, I love the intensity Carson brings.

I love his competitive nature.I do love his athletic ability and how important sports are to him.I love being in the bleachers screaming my head off for him.I love that my daughters get to stand with me and yell for their brother.

I just love it. I certainly didn't consider myself a "boy mom" (clearly God didn't either), but I have, just recently, fallen madly in love with this guy in a different way than I could ever love my girls.

And, I've begun to relish my role as "Soccer Mom."

So thankful for my Little Man…

Day 21.

A mental picture.

Chocolate chips. 






Garbanzo beans.






Chocolate chip vegan pookie, as I mentioned yesterday, is so yummy.  And, I have had lots of people ask me for the recipe.  Truly, it is a must try.

Chocolate Chip Pookie

Really.  Try it.  And let me know what YOU think!

Day 20.

Pizza and Friends!

I HATE that this picture is blurry, but I love all these people too much to not use the photo. Homemade pizza, salad, and chocolate chip vegan pookie with good friends makes life more doable.  The vegan pookie REALLY makes life more doable!  And, I love that having this family over gives Carson a friend, Camilla a friend, and Chloe a friend.  Well, Chloe and I share a friend.  ;)

Day 19. Picture 2.

Attention seeking.

We were all excited this morning when we found out the school was cancelled due to water issues.  Coralynn and the big kids played together for a few hours, but then, they wanted to work on Super Mario Bros. some more.  Well, I think we might have gotten a little too into it, because Coralynn decided to sprawl herself across the TV stand.  Sorry, Bits.

Day 19.

Word of the week.

"NO!"  Over and over again.  Hello, Terrible Twos.  What did you do with Happy Bits?  Please bring her back soon. Love, Everyone Else in the Famly

Day 18.

Family time.

Finally.  I feel like I haven't had anytime to spend with the kids and Tony lately.  We've been too busy, and we needed to reconnect.  Normally, that would be a weekend thing, but it just didn't happen this week.  I decided to "splurge" and do a game night on a weekday.  Super Mario Bros. fit the bill.  I love that we are working together to beat this game- though I'm not sure it will ever happen!  (and the video game people out there will quickly realize that this picture is staged.  We're still on the opening screen.  I needed someone to take the picture, but we all wanted Tony to play, too, so we had to do the staged shot.  The fun is real.)

Day 17.

Pretty ugly.

We lost.  Big.  Carson had a pretty lousy game.  The entire team struggled.  Just an all around bad game.  It happens.  No big ponderings needed.  The other team was better.  Period.

Day 16.

Getting ready.

Chloe and I have a trip planned in October (more details to follow) so we decided to do some "necessities" shopping.  In Lisaland, sunglasses are always a necessity.  I'm trying to teach Chloe to have the same passion.  And off to the sunglass section we went.  We both tried these on.  I looked exactly like my mother.  (No picture of that.)  Chloe, in my opinion, was working these glasses, but she didn't care for them.  What do you think?

Day 15.

Did you think I forgot?

A normal Saturday around our house means a trip to the grocery store, a morning of cleaning, and a day fo sporting events.  Today, the kids helped me organize my spices.  They (the spices- not the kids!) look so much better in their little containers then being thrown all over the cabinet.  Fun times!

Day 14.


I couldn't pick just one picture.  I've had an exceptionally hard week.  Sometimes, I think my kids don't feel my stress.  I'm wrong.  Today, we had "Coralynn school" at our house.  It was a GREAT time!  I quickly put Bits in bed after telling my guests goodbye and starting to tutor my 2 students.  Normally, she wakes up about 2:35 as I'm preparing to wake her up to get the big kids from school.  Not today.  I went in her room at 2:40, and she didn't move.  I went and got my camera assuming she would wake up.  Nope.  Sound asleep.  I took about 10 pictures, incuding camera setting changes, and she still didn't move.  Exhausted.  We are BOTH so thankful it is Friday!

Day 13.

4:00 pm.

4:00 pm.  Tony left work today at 4:00pm.  That doesn't ever happen.  Never.  He was even able to pick up Carson from track practice.  Left work at 4:00pm.  Can you believe it?  4:00pm.

Day 12.

This makes me happy.

It has been a long day.  A very long and very stressful day.  Lots of tears.  Lots of heartfelt talks and ponderings.  A long day.  And all my kids wanted was to sleep in the same room.  When the going gets tough, the tough share a room.  And make their momma smile.  Sweet dreams, babies.  I love you!

(and rest assured that Coralynn will be moved to her crib when it's actually night-night time)

Day 11. Take 3.

It's clearly been one of those days.

Today, I got to dry off the dog, and myself, after two walks.  I got to wash entirely too much makeup off of the Bits.  And, I got to put out the paper towel roll that was on fire.  It's only 5:45.  Makes me afraid to see what the rest of the night will bring...

Day 11. Take 2.

I posted too soon.

And I made the mistake of leaving Coralynn in the same room as my makeup bag.

Day 11.


Here's some math for you.  What does Potty-training puppy + Panama's rainy season =? 

If you said, Bits and me getting very wet on our walk, you would be correct!

Day 10.

Life lesson.

Today was Carson's second basketball game of the season.  His team won 26-10.  He only got to play one quarter.  He only scored one basket.  He was disappointed.  Other kids needed to take their turns, and he understands that, but he really hates sitting out.  That's part of being a teammate- cheering for others while you want to be out there playing.  It's an important life lesson.  Even if, in your third-grade mind, it is a bummer to watch from the sidelines.

Day 9.

Family Time.

I am so excited to report that I was able to buy a new computer this weekend.  We didn't find anything on Satruday that would work, but we found a new pink laptop for me today.  Tony and I thought it would take hours, but since it only took 30 minutes, we decided to head over to "Color Me Mine" for some family painting.  Everyone did great- even Coralynn who painted "my duckie" with a little help from Tony.  I can't wait to see our final products!  (I LOVE family time.  I'm obsessed with it.  Can't get enough of these people I call "mine.")

Day 8.


Don't ask me why.  There is no good explanation.  I just happen to find great joy in the fact that Coralynn loves guacamole.  Great joy. 

Day 7.

Coralynn's school.

Fridays are fun days for Coralynn because she gets to go to "my school."  It's a little playgroup that learns a Bible story and a letter each week. Today, she learned B and "Noah built a boat."  The kids made banana boats, and Coralynn loved every minute of it!!

Day 6.


I love Thursdays.  On Thursdays, everyone comes home from school at the same time.  No clubs.  No sports.  No weekend stuff.  Just my 3 "big" kids coming home from a day at school.  And, as you know, nothing makes me feel more at ease then when all my babies are at home.  With me.

Day 5.

Somebody had a check up!

Cosita is up to 26 pounds!  The vet assured me that she is almost done growing so I don't have to changer her name to Clifford!

Day 4.

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

I cannot tell you the last time I had nothing on the planner.  Nothing I had to do.  I got up this morning and headed to the gym with Tony.  Then, I came home, showered, ready my Bible, made applesauce and cookies, worked on laundry, and walked the dog.  Twice. 

Bits is now in bed for her nap, and I have about 2 hours free to do whatever I want!

Day 3.

That's a winner!

Carson had his first basketball game of the season, and CCA won!  Carson had a great game scoring either or 8 or 10 points (there is some uncertainity), and we're super proud of the whole team!

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Photo 2. Day 2.

Carson David needed a haircut before basketball season started.  He went with his signature spike, but we were finally able to convince the barber to cut it shorter.  He's looking more stylish and less electrocuted than normal.  A definite plus.

A Photo A Day

For fun, I've challenged myself to take one picture a day for the month of September  and blog about that one picture.  Then, I managed to not realize yesterday was September 1.  Oops.  Fortunately, I did take a picture yesterday so it's a day late, but we'll start anyway!

So, pretending today is Septemeber 1:

141.5 was my weight yesterday!  I'm managing to stay right between 141-143 with very little thought.  I do exercise 5 times a week.  And my diet, well, my diet is probably another picture for another day!  Happy September 1st!  (Thanks for pretending it's the first!)