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Lately, I've been musing about that word.

How do you identify yourself?  What words do I use to identify myself?

At the most surface level, words like "tall" and "brunette" and "thin" came to mind.  But, that's too shallow.

I kept pondering.  Who am I?  Personality traits?  Maybe those more fully answer the questions.  "Organized."  "Funny."  "Reliable."  Well, that's headed in the correct direction.  But, it's not where I begin to settle comfortably.

Daughter.  Sister.  Friend.  Wife.  Mother.

Those are the words that really provide me with my identity.  Some of those I chose.  For some, I had no choice.

I'm aware that although those words will always be true, the relationships that allow for those terms will not always exist in this world.

I'm a daughter because my parents chose to give me life.  I'll always be someone's daughter, but the time will come when I no longer am actually called tha…

First Day of School!

We made it back from the US on July 27, and I have plenty of blogs and thoughts to follow. But, today is the first day of our home school for the 2014-15 school year.  This year is sure to be very different because Coralynn will be joining us!  She definitely adds an element of... well, an element of... how do I put this nicely?  She adds an element of chaos!

Chloe Marie 7th grade When did that happen???
Carson David Fifth Grade He is ready to go!
Camilla Rose 3rd Grade I can't believe this child is only almost 8.  Tony and I sat down the other night and recounted to make sure.  Yep, born in 2006.  She's almost 8.
Coralynn Mae Pre K4 Dear God, please let this year be smooth and let Bits learn a lot!
Team Us!