Cultural Gala

Panama's national celebrations of independence fall in November.  This past November, Hurricane Otto also fell in Panama, so the kids' Cultural Week Gala had to be rescheduled to today!  All three of the girls danced in the festival.  Carson participated last year, but somehow, he got out of it this year. He wasn't sad to miss out.  ;)

Coralynn in her pollera.  She danced the "Zaracunde."  I have no idea what that means, but you can watch it for yourself ...

She is maybe a little difficult to spot.  She's in the back row in the middle.

This picture is dark because I was in the theater, but I think you can still see their gorgeous selves!

Chloe's dance.

Camilla's dance

I hope you enjoyed a taste of Panamanian culture.  We've grown to love typico dance, and I can't imagine a November without it!

Until tomorrow,


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