January 6

It is the last Friday of winter break!  How did we get here???  Sad face.  In honor of the day, the kids and I made a plan.  Actually, we discovered the Coralynn is an excellent plan maker, and she decided on today's activities.  First, we went to the pool, and then, we went bowling!!!  I love bowling.  And I'm terrible!  I didn't win.  We used gutter guards, and I still didn't win.  We played three games, and I never won.  I'm the grown up.  This is just wrong!

See.  I didn't win.  

Camilla likes a picture.

Camilla likes a picture with Coralynn.

Carson actually was bowling.

Enjoy a little glimpse into our adventure!

Tomorrow, I leave for a wedding in the interior of Panama.  I'm looking forward to the adventure but nervous about the driving and the wedding.  I'm supposed to talk in Spanish for an entire evening?  Going to be a quiet night!  

I'll do my best to blog tomorrow and Sunday, but I know you'll understand if I don't get around to it!



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