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January 28

Carson finishing 5k and happy bulldog
Hi.  My name is Lisa, and I avoid adulting.
I much prefer carefree over grown up.
Tomorrow, I have not one but two adult meetings.  About jobs and kids and stuff.  And, being true to me, I'm sick to my stomach about it.  Neither meeting is *that* big of a deal, but I'm all tied up in knots about them.
If you were to ask me what I most miss about living in the US, I'd probably say mail being delivered to my house.  It's been years since I've received mail.  No amazon.  No cards.  No nothing.  But, the truth is, no matter how difficult that has been, it's not the worst.  The thing I miss most about the US- and I think it probably has nothing to do with the US and everything to do with God working some plan out in my life- is stability.
Life in Georgia was just about as simple as life could be.  I had 4 healthy kids.  If they got unhealthy, I had a pediatrician I trusted whose office was 15 minutes away.  AND, everyone in the…

January 21

3 weeks in a row.  That's a winning streak!

In honor of my new-found consistency, today's blog is three things that I've fallen in love with this week. 
1.  Iced Tea.

I know.  Quite possibly the most unoriginal new thing ever, but hear me out.
I'm a dedicated water drinker.  But, I'm bored.  I can't drink coffee, and although I love hot tea, it just isn't practical in my life.  
But, I don't like sugary drinks.  So, I've never had iced tea because, in Georgia, sweet tea is tea flavored sugar.  Not my thing.
I was talking to an acquaintance this week, and she mentioned that she just makes concentrated hot tea and cools it over ice.  That was a total epiphany for me.  I'm now a junkie.  Stash's Mango Passion fruit is unbelievable.  I drank 6 cups of it in a day.  No sugar.  No caffeine.  Perfection.
(And, just so you know I'm me, I web md'd it to make sure I wouldn't overdose.  All seems well.)
2.  Medical Care in Panama
Maybe this…

January 14th

This morning, Tony, the 3 younger kids, and I ran in our favorite little no-pressure race.  It's no pre-registration, amble parking, decide at the last minute how far you feel like running affair.  And we love it.

Today, Coralynn, Camilla, and I ran one mile while Tony and Carson took on 3 miles.  Carson ended up with a personal best, and Coralynn beat Camilla and me for the first time ever.  It was a super fun time. Chloe was doing a 2-hour bike ride with her triathlon team, so she was unavailable to join us.

As I was running behind my little girls, watching them put forth enthusiastic effort, I was struck my how much I like my people. I often read other people's Facebook status when they are trashing their kids or husbands or wives.  It makes me sad that there doesn't seem to be a general liking in so many families.  (Or people just post their worst feelings online?)

For this Sunday's blog, let's look at the three things this week that make me really like my peop…

January 7

It's Sunday.  I'm blogging.

I thought, staying in the name of new goals for the new year, I'd share the 3 trips I'm most looking forward to this year!

1.  Cruise with Camilla!

Each child gets to go on a parent and me trip in either 5th or 6th grade.  Chloe and I went to LA.  Carson and Tony went to North Carolina for football.  Camilla and I have come up with lots of ideas, but we had trouble settling on one.  Finally, we decided that we'd head to the Bahamas this spring!  Once I get all the paperwork in place, we'll book our trip, and I'll fill you in with the details!

The next two trips require your help!

2.  US Summer Tour

We've tentatively decided this summer to try to see as much of the US as possible.  We're thinking the East Coast in June and the West in July.  Anyone try this before?  We're not road trippers which makes the whole plan ridiculous, but everyone is surprisingly excited.  We think we'll flying into NYC mid June and do th…