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51 Weeks Ago,

We adopted Cosita.

We like to refer to that choice as the Worst Decision We've Ever Made.

In our optimistic moments, we reflect on what a blessed life we've lived that our worst decision is the dog.

Most of the time, we just look for life's rewind button.

We haven't found it.

Cosita is very difficult.  VERY difficult.

We hired a very good trainer.  VERY good.

She said Cosita is the worst dog she's ever tried to train.

Cosita has some ugly moments.  And, 8 days ago, she had a VERY ugly moment.

The trainer came over, and we thought we would have to put the dog down.

First, we decided to run some blood work.

We found out on Monday that the dog has hypothyroid which may be causing some/all of Cosita's issues.

She began taking medicine Tuesday night. 

It's Friday, and I'm not sure if I see improvement.  Maybe?

Just wanted to give you a puppy dog update.

Hopefully, within the next few days, we will see huge improvements.

I will keep you posted.

That Awkward Moment

when you realize you can't discipline your child because you are laughing too hard at her.

Tony:  Coralynn, you need to sit down and eat.
Bits:  Nuh-uh.  I tan do nennieting I want.  (Not uh.  I can do anything I want)
*said with that sly smile of someone testing her boundaries*
Tony:  Excuse me?  You need to sit down and say, "Yes, sir."
Bits:  Nut-uh.  Doze aren't duh madgic words.  (Not uh.  Those aren't the magic words.)

Later on in the meal, she was still talking.

Coralynn:  I dot 9 friends.  (I got 9 friends.  Everything is 9 for Coralynn.)
Me:  Who are they?
Coralynn:  Dey duh onez whoz a little bit happy.  (They [are] the ones who are a little bit happy.)
Me:  What are their names?
Coralynn:  Lilla, RowE, Dartson, SeatSeat Cosita, Lisa and Tony.  On no- not Lilla.
Me:  Why not Lilla?
Coralynn:  Cuz she's not a little bit happy.  *look of total exasperation that I'm not getting it.*

(P.S.  Yes, we do parent her, but we love listening to that little…

Birthday Review.

We were so busy turning 3 yesterday that I just didn't have time to update the blog.  Here are some snapshots of the birthday girl and her day!

The kids decided on their own to get Coralynn a gift and card.  I loved what Chloe wrote on the inside of the card: May Your Wishes be as Sweet as you are and May Your Heart be filled with Jesus. This is the gift Carson gave Coralynn- a personal drawing of Dora!

8:35 PM

3 years ago tonight, we were enjoying "Mrs. Angie's" chicken with dear friends.

3 years ago tonight, we returned the kids whom we kept overnight because their parents needed to visit a niece in critical condition.

3 years ago tonight, I thought I had 3 more weeks of pregnancy to go.

3 years ago tonight, I, unknowingly, spent my last night as an expectant momma.

Tonight, I spend my last night with a two-year-old daughter sleeping in my house.

Tonight, I fight the melancholy of a mom who isn't quite ready for tomorrow.

She's going to be three tomorrow.  She's so excited.  She and Camilla have been watching the calendar since they turned the page to May.  Bits wants to wear *the* shirt.

I'm not ready to give up to my toddler.   I prefer to enjoy the last moments of her Terrible Twos- which lacked the terrible part.  She's all personality, and I love every bit of her.   I leave you with the last pictures of two-year-old Coralynn Mae.  Love you, Bits!


The power went out about 2:30 this afternoon and still was out when we had dinner at 5:00.  When the power came back on around 6, we decided to make some baked potatoes in the microwave.  We RARELY use the microwave, but I didn't want to wait an hour for the potatoes in the oven.  I washed, cleaned, and stabbed two potates.  I popped them in the microwave, hit the "baked potato" button, and went to my room to check my favorite facebook shopping site.

I heard Chloe say, "Is something burning," so I went to have a look.  I wasn't but a few feet out of my room when I smelled smoke.  A few more steps, and I saw smoke billowing down the hallway, over the door, and out of the microwave.

I quickly shut the microwave off, and we started airing out the house.  Needless to say the potatoes were well past done...

as was the microwave...

Do You Remember?

A  few years back, I posted a picture of my favorite politically-incorrect store name in Panama.  Remember?

 Well, yesterday I was shopping, and I came across *the* poltically-incorrect accessory item. Come and get 'em- your Big Mama pantyhose!  Seriously, who comes up with these names? 

Twin Day- Chloe

I was unable to get a picture of Chloe yesterday, but fornutately, her teacher was able to get one, and he sent it to me.

Spirit Week!

The rest of this week is the completion of Spirit Week at the school.  We started last week, but because of electricity shortages, school had to be cancelled for the end of last week.  Today is the kids' favorite day of Spirit Week, Twin Day.  They choose a friend and dress up like twins.  I couldn't get pictures of them with their "twin," but I had to capture them in their twin regalia!!

Twin day is so specific that it covers how to do your hair- spikes for Carson and ponytail for Camilla.  Sunglasses, hat and necklace were also required components of this year's twin uniforms.  Chloe's look was so specific that she was on the phone until she left for school to make sure everything was just right!  I'll try to capture her picture this evening.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to my AMAZING mom and to my four C-kids who made me a mom!  Happy Mother's Day to the AMAZING lady who raised my incredible husband! LOVE to you ALL!!

Quotation of the Morning

Background:  The kids are out of school for the rest of the week so we are taking advantage of the time by going through all their clothes.  I'm hoping to have a good list of exactly what we need to purchase in the States.  As Chloe was trying on her clothes, she said the quotation of the day:

"Now's when I pray to the stretch gods to get this stuff to fit." Have we not all been there before?  (She loves some of her older clothing.  This isn't about body issues.  It's about trying to shove her 11-year-old self into her size 7 clothes.)

Me Time.

Sometimes, it's important to get a chance to be alone.  It can be hard finding the time to take a deep breath without interruption.  That's even more true when you are the youngest of four.
Fortunately, when you're the baby, you're more likely to fit under the slide.  You can steal away for a few minutes of uninterrupted puzzle time.  Even then, you might not get the peace you desire.
At which point, it might be advantageous to hire the dog to guard you from any unwanted interruptions.
Thankfully, when you get your fill of alone time, you'll allow your momma to take your picture.  You'll even give her a smile.


I wanted to follow-up about Coralynn's appointment with the audiologist.  It was a good news- bad news morning.

Good news:  In all areas, Coralynn's hearing showed improvement.  In her left ear, she had very large increases in hearing.

Not so good news:  Her hearing is still not normal.  In one of the tests, her results were slightly off from normal.

The audiologist referred to Coralynn's hearing as "just fine, but not normal."

I'm not really sure what that means.

What I do know is that I have a happy, healthy almost 3-year-old Bits sound asleep in her crib.

That's enough for me.

Thank you for your prayers.

One Year.

May 3, 2012 Coralynn Mae was headed into surgery for ear tubes. She felt lousy afterward, but the tubes cleared out the fluid that was causing her so many problems. Today, she's my talking girl- who happens to have a nasty cough and a cold.  The fever ruined her mood which made pictures of today not possible. On Monday, Coralynn goes back to the audiologist for the first time since the tubes were inserted. I'm anxiously awaiting those results. I'll let you know when I get them. Prayers appreciated.