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Coralynn Turns 5!

This post is SO picture heavy that I won't bother to laden in down with lots of thoughts.  Enjoy!

Birthday girl!
Minnie and Mommy Minnie!
Walt Disney, Minnie, Mommy Minnie
Minnie and Tinkerbell!
Look at that cake!
Minnie and CinderELLE
Baby Sophia is here!
Mommy Minnie and Walt!

Loved the decorations!
Jake as Jake!
Baby Sophia!
Coralynn and Abigail!
Photo Booth!

Dancing with my Minnie!
Let it Go!
A sweet shot of sweet friends!
Picking a song!
Princess and Minnies must dance!

I missed April.

I'm tired of making excuses for not blogging.  I just didn't get around to it.  I'm not even sure what happened in April to do some sort of review post.

I just checked my photo folder.  This picture- from March- was never published.   I never wrote about it.  It was weeks ago.  Let's talk about it...

I love LOVE this photo.  It represents everything that I love about my life.  This is in our family room of our apartment.  I love this room.  It's grey and purple and is so open that we can fit everybody in it.  Here we were with a group from Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry (or something like that.  It's a seriously long, weird-sounding name).  There were 25 of us in the room.  I love having room for everyone I love to fit together.  
If you look in the upper right corner of the photo, you see my huge (it's 4x6 feet) family photo.  I LOVE that picture.  I love that it was taken just weeks before we moved to Panama.  I love that my dear friend, Man…