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Update! End of Week One!

Me:  What was your favorite part of the week??

Camilla:  I liked math.  It was really fun, and I was working with a fun person.

Chloe:  Getting my own computer and meeting new friends.  I'm trying not to sound cheesy.

Coraylnn:  My favorite part of this week was the snack and the lunch.  And the plaground.

Carson:  Today's first recess because my teacher played with us.

Me:  What most surprised you about this week?

Camilla:  That I actually liked math

Chloe:  How hard it is to work locker

Coralynn:  That my teacher forgot stickers today.

Carson:  That I got the teacher I wanted.

Me:  What are you most looking forward to about this school year?

Camilla:  Art and photography (ECA)

Carson:  Extra curricular activtites

Chloe:  Spanish

Coralynn:  I'm most looking forward to one thing, like, next week, like Monday, we're going to start playing with ipads.

Me: What has been the hardest thing about transitioning from home school to the Met?

Carson:  UNIFORMS!!

Chloe:  The school…

First Day of School!!

Morning y'all!!

Have I mentioned that all the kids went back to school this year??  Originally, we were just going to send Chloe back, but then- and I'm still not entirely sure how- we made the decision that they all would return to a traditional school setting.  Yesterday, we met the new teachers, and this morning they were off to school.  I had to share pictures from this morning!  Enjoy!

Coralynn Mae. 5 years old. Kindergarten

Camilla Rose 9 years old. 4th grade.

Carson David 11 years old. 6th grade.

Chloe Marie 13 years old. 8th grade.

My heart. Wearing school uniforms.

Tony Linford. 35 years old. 162nd month of work. Caterpillar

Cosita and Coralynn.  Waiting.

Cosita.  Thinking she's leaving, too.

Cosita. Wondering where everyone went.

T-minus 2 Weeks!

(I'm pretending you won't notice that I missed ALL of June AND July.)

Two weeks from today, my kids return to school.  All 4 of them.  I'll have an 8th grader, a 6th grader, a 4th grader, a kindergartner, and an empty house.  Well, Cosita will be here with me.

I would love to have some wise reflections on this, but I'm too busy getting nauseous every time I receive an email from the school.  Can someone explain that to me?  Email sickness.  Is that a thing?  Like tennis elbow?

It's hard for me to believe that just a month ago, I was taking Camilla and Carson to camp.  We were just beginning our summer of fun.  Now, school looms in the distance.

But, on the positive side, I am looking forward to spending some time figuring out who I am and what I like to do.  I know what I like to do on weekends, but I've never had an empty house on a consistent basis.  I don't know what I like to do on Friday at 10:30 am.  Or on Tuesdays at 2.  This could be a really fun ti…