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Day Four- That's a Big Rock!

Day four of our amazing trip to Medellin, Colombia, had us travelling outside the city again.  We drove a few hours outside the city to climb a big rock.  Guatape is a big rock with steps built on the side of it.  I'm not sure why the steps are there, but it was a must-do activity for my hiking family.

Driving up to the rock.

Explanation of the Rock.

175 steps down.  A bunch more to go.

The views are worth the effort.

450 steps!  Almost there!

Chloe, 13

Carson, almost 12

Camilla, 9

Coralynn, 5

The Three Musketeers

Mom and Dad made it, too!


The Selfie Queen

We made it!  740 steps to the top!

Incredible view!

Medellin Review- Day Three

Our second full day in Colombia had us riding the city's Metro Cable.  It was very cool to ride the gondolas up and down the city,

Because Medellin sits in a valley, the ride up the Cable gave us incredible views of the whole area.

The cuddle buddies enjoying the trip.  I'm pretty sure Camilla was trying to convince Carson he wasn't going to be motion sick.

As we neared the top of the Cable, we left the city view and entered the forested hills around Medellin.

More views of the amazing city.

Chloe and Mom

Chloe, Mom, Dad, and Coralynn

Dad with the Girlies

Mom with Carson and Fernando, the driver.

After the Cable ride (and all the meat and rice meals we'd had), it was time for something lighter.  Smoothies and Subway.  Yummy!

Parque Explora is a major attraction in the city of Medellin.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying all the museum had to offer 

and taking pictures of Chloe in dinosaurs 

and in front of cute signs

and with the rest of the family.

I Missed All of March

I'm sorry.  It was a busy month that started sadly the end of February when my grandmother passed away suddenly.  We've been traveling and working and busy, but I have had so many thoughts that I need to get out, and a trip review I need to finish.  For both of you reading the blog, thank you for sticking with me.  More to follow soon...