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Giving Tuesday!

We've survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday to arrive safely at Giving Tuesday!!

Some have been asking where I've been since October 8th when I last posted.  Well, we had a birthday, fiestas patrias, strep throat, and sitting in traffic.  But, the main thing I've been doing is working for a NGO.  Heart's Cry Children's Ministry serves the orphans of Panama in three crucial ways.  First, they provide Orphan Cares which goes into several of Panama's 55 orphanages and offers additional support to the caregivers.  Heart's Cry Family services is a foster care and adoption service that gives orphans the opportunity to be placed in forever families.  The final arm is Casa Providencia which, when complete, will be a special-needs orphanage that gives disabled children the opportunity to receive treatment to improve their quality of life.  I cannot begin to tell you the blessing it has been to me to work with HCCM!

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