Friday the 13th

Good evening!

I've known tonight's blog topic since 6:30 this morning.

My alarm went off this morning, and I immediately checked my phone to see if there was anything of note.  (As an aside: am I the only person who does this?  Who wakes up and goes straight to the phone?   Seeing it written makes me feel rather pathetic.)

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post from a friend of mine- a friend who was making a birthday cake for her son.  A Mickey Mouse shaped cake.  From scratch.  At 11:30 pm. She'd just gotten home from work.  She's also happens to be a single mom.  To 5.  Boys.  She was saying how tired she was, but how she was more blessed than she was tired.

And, I immediately knew what I should call today's blog:  Shut Up Friday.  Because, sometimes it's important to stop listening to your own thoughts.  Because it's important to get over oneself and look at the rest of the world.  And after my whining of yesterday, I need to shut up.

I'm sleepy because I'm CHOOSING to wake up early to go PAY someone to MAKE me exercise. (really?)  I don't want to get out of my well air-conditioned bedroom with my comfy bed with my loving husband.  You think it's time to stop griping and look at the spoiled brat in those sentences?

As I tell my students to tell themselves: My life is not difficult.  It's time to go beyond petty whining and see the big picture.  It's time to go beyond complaining and into praising.

Have a great Friday night!


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