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Easter Pictures!

Happy Resurrection Day!  We've had a wonderful day celebrating Easter with some friends, but I wanted to share a few, blurry pictures.  We should have taken actual family pictures, but I didn't think about it soon enough.  So, you get some cell phone pictures! (And Carson got out of his dressy clothes the second we got home.  No pictures of him!)

My beautiful oldest daughter the fashionista!  (who is in flat shoes- she's just that tall next to my 6ft self!)
The little blond girl! (who's no longer a little girl, but well on her way to her tween years- still as sweet, and blond, as ever!)
The Bits! I wish you could know how much she loves looking "fabulous."  She's my girliest girl- when she's not being a jedi with Carson!
Tony and Me!

So Much Has Happened

But, there is so little I can update. I don't keep secrets, and there are none to be had. 

We have just had a crazy few weeks.  I've accepted that this is the season we are in, and, most of the time, I love it.  But, it exhausts me so I don't come share on the blog.

I'd love to tell you about my amazing oldest daughter.  You cannot even imagine how much this child amazes me.  And humbles me.  I want to spend the next 6 paragraphs telling you all about her, but she'd die of embarrassment, and then, I would miss her.  So, I don't share on the blog.

The Holy Spirit's movement in our life has been radical.  We've been radically changed.  Renewed.  Encouraged.  I want to tell you all about that, but there simply aren't enough words to describe it. Let's get together for coffee, and I'll share it all with you.

Home schooling this year has been amazing.  So much covered.  And uncovered.  We've learned so much. And realize how much we have to l…