January 14th- Celebrating the 15th

It's an anniversary day here!

To know my family (well, to know my father) is to know that we remember events.  We remember big events and small events.  We remember the anniversaries of football games and ER trips, deaths and births, meals and vacations.  We are rememberers.

When we lived in the US, my dad and I talked on a fairly regular, almost daily basis.  I'm confident that a week didn't go by when I wasn't asked, "So, do you know where you were # years ago?"  Of course, I probably didn't know because I don't usually know where I've set my water cup.  He would tell me the event- with varying degrees of scoffing for my inability to remember.  I am confident that I remember more from his reminders of events than from the actual events.  For example, I know that when the Rose Bowl is on I'm supposed to remember back to 2001 when USC played Northwestern and we all watched it at my parents' house after my mom and I got back from buying a stroller for yet-to-be born Chloe.  See?  We (meaning he) remember everything.  And it might be my favorite thing about our family.

Knowing this, it came as no surprise that Thursday night while I was whining over Skpye about how I tired I was that my Dad threw in an anniversary reminder.  "If you need to be reminded, Saturday will be Tony's 15 year anniversary at Caterpillar."  And, of course I need to be reminded.  (I do feel the need to say that losing my cup notwithstanding my memory is pretty stinkin' good.  I've creeped out a few people in my day with the stuff I remember.)  Tony's CAT anniversary just isn't on my radar because- not sure why.

But, here we are to January 14th!  Tony's 15th anniversary of working for Caterpillar!  I'm very thankful for the opportunities CAT has provided our family.

And, from the before and after, it appears Tony is much happier now.

Hope your Saturday is amazing!


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