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Halfway There!

3 Weeks from ToDaY we will be at Disney World!  Woohoo!!!

That's the good news.  Then, there is Carson.

He's not exactly bad news.

He's more "Take Up A Lot of Time" news.

Short version of the story: (Cue laughter at the thought I could make any story short.)  Carson went to a basketball camp the first week of January.  The Wednesday or Thursday of camp, he began limping.  Sunday, he ran a 3-mile race.   What normally takes him about 24 minutes took him over 30.  Because I'm in the finals for the "Mom of the Year" award, I assumed he just wasn't applying himself.  Tony took him to basketball that afternoon.

Normally, the little kids don't get to play because it's for the dads.  This particular Sunday didn't have many adult participates so Carson got to play.  After basketball, Tony came in and explained to me how Carson had limped the entire time.  Maybe there was something going on?

Cut to PT's office:  After a series of tests, …

Challenge. Day 8.

Hope everyone has been having an amazing start to 2015!  We've been enjoying beautiful breezy summer days here in Panama with highs in the uppers 80's.  Can't get better than that!

The 40-day Challenge has been going well.  The little girls and I are 100% on the challenge.  Go us!  Chloe had a bite of ice cream to be gracious, so we're giving her that.  Tony has had incredibly long days, but he has been praying as much as possible.  And, really, who's going to fault him for that?

Carson has had basketball camp every day this week from 9-4.  That is a lot of basketball!  He missed practicing the bass yesterday because he was gone from the house from 8:45am-8:45pm.  Fair enough.  He'll practice for 30 minutes today, and we'll consider it even.

I have been so pleased with myself for going to the gym everyday.  I started back with the Couchto5k program that I so love.  The first week of the program is complete with zero difficulties.  Well, zero difficulties  u…

40-Day Challenge

Happy New Year!! I spent yesterday destroying the children at Skip Bo!  Woohoo!!

Our trip to Disney is now 39 days away, but we decided on New Year's Eve what our individual and family 40-day challenges are going to be.  The original idea for these challenges was Chloe who loves a resolution.  At the same time, Tony and I had just finished watching a show about living like someone else for 30 days.  It inspired us that we needed to make some changes.  Poof!  The 40-day challenge was born.

I won't be blogging everyday (because that would be its own challenge), but I will post regularly so you can keep us accountable.  Some of us have dos and don'ts.  Others just have dos or don'ts! Without further adieu, here are our challenges...

Family Challenge:

Do:  Every Monday evening has become Spanish night.  Everyone must speak only in Spanish.  This potentially makes for a very quiet Monday.

Don't:  No more eating out for the next 40 days.  I. Am. Going. To. Die.  This is b…