January 2

Today was Tony's last day of Christmas/New Year's break.  And, as always, I was all clingy and pitiful.  I have a (probably idolized, sinful desire) to have our whole family together. Every minute.  It goes beyond our family.  My kids can tell you that it makes me so happy when I drive into the parking garage and all the cars for the building are home.  I just like everyone tucked in and safe for the night.

In honor of his last day with us, we decided to head to the pool.  Living in Panama has its highs and lows, but I do love the swimming pool in the apartment complex.  It is just awesome.  3 hours later, we were pleasantly toasty and ready to go home.  Nothing like a little (too much) vitamin D to put everyone in his/her happy place.

And my clingy, happy self loves to cook from scratch for my family.  Normal, every day me would happily let them all fend for themselves.  But, it was Tony's last day, so I made homemade clam chowder and from scratch southern biscuits.  I also roasted fresh brussel sprouts.  This sounds lovely and tasty.  And, it was.   Except, the younger three aren't going to touch clam chowder, and the oldest is on a gluten-free diet.  Tony and I thought dinner was amazing.

Yes.  The biscuits are heart shape. When I go clingy, I go all the way.

Tomorrow, normal officially begins the process of returning.  My kiddos and I have 9 more days off from school, and we'll hope to make the most of it.  But, tonight, full of chowder, I'm a little melancholy and introspective considering what 2017 will bring and wishing that my family could be together for every minute of it.

Sleep well.


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