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Baking Day.

The kids are off from school today because it's Labor Day here in Panama.  I decided that we were going to spend the day getting breakfast and lunch treats in the freezer since we had the whole day available.  Carson, I knew, had a birthday party to go to which made it an even better day because one less person makes things easier.  Except when that person is Chloe.

When the birthday boy's dad got here to pick up Carson, he offered to take Chloe to the beach with them, too.  Before I could nicely explain that I needed her in the kitchen today, she was dressed and ready to go.

Fine.  Be that way.

Camilla agreed to help me if I would play Uno with her this afternoon.

Fine.  Deal.

It took us about 3 hours, but we got "Ode to Weird Food" day mostly completed.

I found a recipe for Watermelon Granita because we had way more leftover watermelon that we could ever eat. The recipe called for seedless watermelon, but Camilla was mostly a trooper picking the seeds out.   
Tony is…

Date Night!

Do you know what this is? It's a list of instructions. For the babysitter.

 Do you know what this is? It's the clothes I'm packing.  For my overnight getaway. With my husband.

I was able to find a sitter willing to spend the night with the four kids so Tony and I could get a night away from our life.  We headed downtown to our favorite hotel, Hotel Riu, and checked in Friday night. Our Beautiful Room.

I love this huge picture over the bed.  When we moved to Panama, our family stayed in this hotel for a few nights while we waited for our apartment.  During that stay, we were in the purple rooms.  We've also stayed in the green rooms.  This was our first time in the orange rooms.  (The kids were super jealous!)

 After we got situated in our room, we changed clothes and headed to Tastes restaurant for dinner.
Posing with the bread basket.

 No greater blessing as a mommy than being able to enjoy a meal without cutting anyone's food or worrying about how long the food is going to…

Camp Daddy.

As I mentioned previously, Tony took had a week of vacation last week.  When we were homeschooling, these weeks provided the time for our family beach vacations.  Now that we are tied to the school's calendar, Tony spent his week off participating in our everyday activities.  Every Thursday, I attend Bible study, and Coralynn normally goes to a sitter.  This week, she got to stay home and have a morning at Camp Daddy!

Daddy decided Coralynn needed a ponytail. Coralynn decided she needed to wear Camilla's flip flops.

Enjoying her morning beverage on the "playground."

Fun times with Daddy!

Working on her "computer."  Makes me wonder if Daddy was on his computer, too!

Bits heading out to do her errands with her sunglasses on and her "purse" on her arm.

Time to go!

Coralynn loves nothing more than curling up and reading books.  It was a special treat to be able to curl up with Daddy on a Thursday morning!

Coralynn Update and More

Last night, we went to the ENT with Coralynn.  Last week, she failed her hearing test terribly.  We walked in suspecting that surgery would be recommended.  We walked out with the surgery scheduled for next week, and lab orders for bloodwork.

This morning, Tony, Coralynn and I headed to the hospital for the labwork.  She did super well, and, fortunately, Tony is on vacation this week so we could enjoy the rest of the beautiful morning without him having to go to work. 

Looking into Panama City
The Cinta Costera- not at rush hour
Coralynn running down the ramp.
Catching Up with Daddy.
The Sea Wall.
Mommy and Bitty.
Watching the Birds Fish.
Coralynn trying to stay on the line. (maybe after tubes?)
Beautiful Panama City and the Pacfic Ocean.


My great friend, Gina, asked for details about our healthy living strategies.  (And, everyone needs a Gina.  Sweet, hysterical, loyal.  That's a friend!) I also had some friends here, in Panama, ask for some details on what we're doing.  So, I thought I'd let you in on our plan.

1.  I am genetically thin.  I just am.  That doesn't mean I've always been healthy.  Just thin.
2.  I lose weight relatively easily.  I also gain weight without much difficulty.  There is a fair amount of swing in my weight.
3.  I am going to tell you what we're doing and why.  These are not medical opinions or judgements against what decisions you are making for your family.  Don't feel defensive.  If what works for you, works for you, then keep working it.)

Step One:  Determine Your Goals and Prioritize.
As we began this little all-consuming journey toward health, I learned very quickly that I was going to have make some choices and decide on my priorities.  What we…

75 Minutes.

Friday is normally the only day-home day Coralynn and I get.  Sometimes we still choose to run errands, but this has been an exhausting week so we just stayed in our jammies for most of the day.  When she went down for a nap, I had lunch.  And, then I needed something sweet.  I'm not sure why, but my sweet tooth has been super needy lately.  I can't seem to get enough dessert. 

Since I haven't baked in a while, and the Bits was nicely sleeping, I decided it was time to get baking.  75 minutes later, I was done after completing three desserts, swapping out the laundry, washing the dishes I'd used, and showering.  Gotta love a productive afternoon!

Vegan Blueberry Cake
No-Bake Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

When Life Sends You Rain,

Play in the Puddles!

A Weekend in the Life of Us...

Saturday morning, we decided to run some errands.  Coralynn decided to drive.

Make sure it's all clear.
Put into drive.
Tony decided that wasn't safe, so he took over, and we headed to the mall.  We split into teams and ran a couple quick errands.  The plan was to meet in DoIt Center so we could buy mousetraps to catch Fred.  (Yes, we name everything.)  Unfortunately, Tony and DoIt Center always take longer than anticipated.
At least the kids found some place to wait.
We made it back from the mall, McDonald's, and the grocery store with enough time for the baby to take a nap.  While she slept, we played Uno.  Once the Bits was up, we headed for the swimming pool.  This was a good plan because Bits' first word after waking was "Pool?!"
Headed down to the swimming pool.

New Googles- Camilla!
Coralynn sporting the new googles.
After getting our fill of swimming, the kids wanted to go to the playground.  We love the pool and playground at the apartment complex!