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Reviewing Christmas Eve on New Year's Eve!!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful New Year's Eve!  We cleaned this morning, headed down to the pool this afternoon, and are looking forward to an evening of budgeting.  We are wild and crazy people!

Now, for our cruise recap...

Monday morning we woke up super excited and a little nervous about our first day at port.  We did not have an excursion planned in Cozumel, Mexico, so we were interested to see what the day would hold.  The ship didn't port until 10am, so there was plenty of time to get breakfast, get ready, play minigolf, and stand on deck to watch us come into Cozumel!

Coralynn playing some putt putt.
The kids loved all the sights, shops, and sounds of Cozumel.  Tony loved this "statue" and insisted on getting his picture with it.  Twice.
Coralynn was less impressed with the creepy moving statue guy so she hung with me while I took the picture!
Grandma and Grandpa had sent the kids some Christmas Cruise money, and they had a lot of fun picking out whic…

Cruise Review- December 23rd!

Day at Sea!  Sunday, we spent all day at sea so we got to explore the boat and all it had to offer.  It was a great day!

Camilla and Carson enjoyed sitting in the window to look for land.
Coralynn got to sleep in her own "big-girl" bed.
Carson and Chloe
Chloe and Camilla
Even Coralynn had a waterslide to enjoy!
The water slides were one of the highlights for the kids...
...and for Tony!
My soggy middle kids after hours on the waterslides.
Chloe and my toes posing for a picture.
Tony with the Evens!
Chloe is getting so much older.  She clearly isn't my little Chloe anymore!
Camilla was very excited about all the junk food at her fingertips.
Posing with the love of my life.
And, did we mention there was ice cream available 24 hours a day?
I promised myself I wasn't going to take pictures of food, but the Christmas-colored jello was too much for me to pass up!