Today, Coralynn- with a little encouragement- went beyond.  I'm sure you remember that "beyond" is the word for the year.  I've decided that we might as well all live it, and Coralynn embodied it today!

We spend all afternoon (6 hours) at the pool, and I was beginning to wonder if Camilla and Coralynn were hitting the "too much time together" portion of the day.  The friend who was with me agreed that Camilla might like a little break.

In the baby pool, near our chairs, was a little girl who looked to be about Coralynn's age.  She was playing nicely with a few Barbies.  We encouraged Coralynn that she should go say hello.  Of course, Coralynn thought that idea was lacking because the other little girl, as Coralynn says, "speaks hola, and I don't."  (as an aside, Coralynn's Spanish is greatly improving)

We told her just to do her best and to be friendly.  And, eventually, Coralynn made her way to the new girl.  They played together for about 15-20 minutes until the new girl had to leave.  I was beyond proud of Coralynn for stepping outside her comfort zone and making a new friend!

It's a beyond victory!

Until tomorrow, live beyond!


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