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We're getting there!

Seven! Seven!

Maybe I'm Ungrateful

They Know!

Tonight's the Night!

Happy 40th Anniversary!!

Thirty-thousand pounds of Bananas

Funsy Friday!

Sisterly Love!

You know we need 7!

Question. Question. Who has a question??

Baking (and so much more) Day!

Getting ready for the Bake-a-thon!!

Of course he did!

Funsy Friday- Guest Blogger!!

Weekly 7

Getting There!!

I think I'll move to Australia.

Such a big girl? Such a big helper? Such a frat Bits?

She may not walk or talk,

Wednesday's Weekly 7!

Cooking with Kids!

Pet Peeve Pause

Funsy Friday- Our Soundtrack

Day One of Household Helpers

Lest You Think We Only Play Mario Kart

Weekly 7! The Praising and Praying Edition!