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Coming Up For Air!!

First off, I have to say that moms that work outside the home have earned a new level of respect from me.  I have some dear friends who are work at home moms, and they make it look easy.  All I'm doing is taking 4 hours of Spanish a day, and I'm exhausted.  And my house looks like it!
Today, though, I only had 2 hours of Spanish, and I feel like a new person!  I was able to get caught up on my to-do list which included blogging.  So, how are we spending March?  Let me show you (in no particular order)...

We've been running!  Like actual running!  Carson and I run on Monday afternoons with some of our teacher friends.  It's been great to build relationships while building endurance in the beautiful sun of Panama!!  Also, Tony, Carson and I ran a race last Sunday.  I only run 2 miles, but I took 90 seconds off my best time.  Carson shaved 2 minutes off his time from last month running 3 miles in 23:08.  I want to run like Carson when I grow up!

We've been eating sal…