January 3

Just a quick note to say how grateful I am that a friend came with me to a doctor's appointment this morning.  I'm always nervous about appointments, and this day in history always has my emotions raw.  8 years ago today, I found out baby Cavin was already in heaven with Jesus instead of healthy and happy in my womb like his 15-week self was supposed to be.  Although those memories no longer bring the waves of grief they once did, the sting of it is never far from the surface.

Today, I'm grateful that I have 4 amazing kids at home with me, 1 perfect little guy in heaven, and an amazing friend who had no idea how much I needed her to say, "Yes" when I asked her to come with me today.  She simply said it because I matter to her.

Go tell someone he or she matters to you.  It will matter to them.


(and all is well from the doctor)


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