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Packing Day Three

Well, folks, this is really happening!!
We are in possession of the new house keys, so we actually are moving!!
The movers came Monday morning to begin packing up our apartment.  Apparently, we have a lot of stuff because when the team returned Tuesday morning, they brought along two more workers.

Just some of the over 300 boxes! And do you not love the way the piano is wrapped!?! 

The great news is that they finished packing today, so they can start unloading at the new house tomorrow!  And, hopefully, we'll be moved in by Friday night!!  I am so ready to make the new place "ours!"

Coralynn is 7!!!!!

Today is Coralynn's birthday!!  
7 years ago she made her entrance into the world (15 days early),  and our lives haven't been the same!
Coralynn is a series of extremes: She's sensitive and sassy.   She's loving and explosive.   She's shy and talkative. She's ready to conquer the world as long as someone turns on the light for her.

1 year old!

Summer 2016
Summer 2015

                  Coralynn now with her "coming home" outfit                                  Summer 2011

Getting tubes!  Spring 2012
Sisters and Best Friends

My beautiful baby girl, 7-year-old version!

For real real

Ir's 4:25 am.

I'm sitting in my office on the bathroom floor because I woke up at 3:46, and I don't want to bother anyone else in the house.

The dog thinks I'm her personal cuddle buddy, so I have the computer propped up on my knees to prevent her from typing stuff that's irrelevant to this blog.

I have to laugh at the 2 of us sitting in here.  People tell me how I'm "superwoman" and that I "have it all together."  I think they know that is not true.  But I do wonder if they picture scenes like this when they picture my togetherness.

I wonder if they realize that most mornings I wake up with no recollection of going to sleep because I didn't intend to fall asleep.  I'm sitting here in my jammies.  No that's not really true.  I'm sitting here in lingerie because the evening was supposed to be about Tony and me.  The last thing I remember is Tony looking at something on his phone and me rolling over to put my glasses on the bed…

What's been going on...

Well, just a little.

We have a house!  And we move on Monday!!  (Lord willing!)  So, we have all weekend to prepare!!  Oh, wait...  We don't actually.  Today, we've had to kids' performances, a soccer game, and a child headed to a beach trip.  Tomorrow is only Coralynn's birthday party, Senior Banquet, Chloe returning, and packing for a week at the hotel.  Sunday equals a half marathon, a couple of 5k, church, dance practice, a birthday dinner, and last minute preparations for the move. (And pretty much everything is last minute)

I'm not complaining.  I'm just explaining why the blog has been kind of quiet.

I don't want to leave you empty handed, though, so please enjoy Camilla's movie debut...

Three-Thing Thursday!

Since it's been 7 days since I last blogged, we're going to go with 3 things from the last week!

1.  Running Away with Tony!

Life has been a tinch stressful, so I asked it we could run away together.  Tony not only said yes, but also decided that Chloe was old enough to stay home with the other kids.  That's a total blessing because she can also deal with the dog which is a major issue!

We stayed in a lovely hotel with the most amazing view.  I don't need roses or champagne, but Tony likes to spoil me with those.  I just wanted to exhale with my husband.  It was a success!
2.  Booking our Summer Vacation!
Three states,  Five flights. 2 camps.  1 AP summer institute.  33 days.
I am so excited that we are getting back to Georgia this year!  My heart feels most at home in GA, and I'm ready to be back with my people there.  The best part of the Georgia portion is that Tony will be with us the whole time.  That means we are actually going to get a family vacation during…

Another Little Thing

*I keep hoping that there will be exciting house news that I can share on the blog.  I've been told for the last several days that the lease will be available to sign soon.  I don't want to wait any longer, but I will because I want to make sure the information accurate!*

But, as I wait, the Lord is showing my heart some of His graciousness to us. I think the joy of every parent is seeing that your kids "get it."  That whatever value you've spent innumerable hours teaching has sunk in.  As we were house hunting, I got a glimpse that Camilla got it.

One of the priorities of Tony's and my life together is to love other people.  I want the people in our lives to know they matter.  I want our family to not be defined solely by blood relationships.  I want our home to be filled with love and laughter- and the more the merrier.  Tony, the introvert in the relationship, has been beyond understanding in my open-door policy.  He welcomes everyone I bring home.  He has…

The Little Things

I am a lover of the little things.  
A small gesture can make my day brighten.  My favorite part of a rainstorm is when the sun peaks out in the middle.  It's amazing to me how the smallest ray of sunshine illuminates the sky.
Today, Carson brought me my much-needed little thing.
I had to take him to piano lessons during the middle of a serious thunderstorm.  We arrived at his teacher's house just as she arrived home from an afternoon of teaching lessons at the church.
I dropped him off, told him his dad would bring him home, and I started to back out.
But, something stopped me.
I looked up to see him running into the carport to avoid the rain.  Then, I saw him come around the car to ask if his teacher needed him to carry anything.  She must have said yes, because I saw him take a plastic bag from her.
The interaction brought me the biggest smile.  My son was being a gentleman.  Just because.  He didn't know that I was looking.  There was no prize to be won.  He just did i…

The Joy Treadmill

Y'all, I'm going to tell you the truth.

I'm over choosing joy like I'm over 4:20 am alarms.

I don't want joy anymore.  I want to be right.  I want to demand justice.  I want to yell and cry.  I want my frustration and hurt to matter.  I want stability.

I think God put my joy treadmill on incline 10.0, and I'm ready to hop off.

The past 7 days have been a test of joy like no other I've encountered since I decided it was worthy of pursuit.

The disappointment has flowed from virtually ever arena of our life.

Today is a holiday in Panama, so our house search has been at a stall since Friday.  We made our choice, but now we're stuck in the limbo of lease negotiations.   Our move out date hasn't changed, though, so I feel the heat.  My joy muscle is reminding me that we were blessed with multiple incredible options that would work for us.  But that muscle is getting sore.

The job limbo is getting rockier.  And with it, my joy gets shakier.

I'm trying…