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Heading out.

Tomorrow, I am headed to Los Angeles for a quick trip with my BFF to celebrate her birthday!!  I can't wait for this little getaway and to spend time with people I don't see often enough.

Amazing view from the Cinta Costera

Yesterday was running class so you know my heart and mind are full of things to share, but they'll have to wait.  Preparing my luggage and the notes for the substitute teacher take priority today.

I'll be back in Panama on Monday, and I'll look forward to blogging Tuesday or Wednesday- which happens to be Tony's birthday!  Y'all know that I love birthdays!

Have an amazing weekend!

More ponderings.

My 9 days away from the blog have been spent pondering.  Well, they've been spent driving the kids places, home schooling, cooking, chatting, and all kinds of other things.  But, my mind has been pondering.

The hour I spend downtown with Carson each Tuesday has become a time of great renewal for me.  He runs, and I think.  In the noisy quiet of city buzz, I'm able to steal away into myself.  It's perhaps the highlight of my every week.  I'm an extrovert in the truest, most textbook ways, but this one hour-long conversation with myself allows me the interaction that keeps me moving.

I walked and pondered your words about this blog and its purpose.  That led me to pondering me and my purpose.  Which, ultimately, led me to a place of deep gratitude for this place I'm in.  Not just Panama City, Panama, but also the place I'm in with my journey through life.
I'm sure part of it is being okay with being an adult,   I'm even more sure that an even bigger part …