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VBS- Day 2!

Each year for VBS, I try to do something "fun" based on the theme.  I've gotten an Australian accent.  I've prayed in different languages.  This year there was an amusement park theme so I decided it would be fun to put in different color hair extensions. (Thank you Justice for having them on super clearance!)  I'm not sure if everyone found it fun, but I had the best time with the crazy hair.  I frequently forgot I had them in, and I couldn't figure out why people in stores were staring.  I was thrilled when Camilla decided she wanted some in, and I happily obliged.  VBS = Most fun ever!

VBS begins! (Day One!)

I love VBS.  I pretend that we come back to Georgia for doctors' appointments and to see friends, but really, I just love VBS.  It's a week of fun and singing and dancing and learning about Jesus.  What could be more fun?  And this year was probably my favorite year EVER!

Getting ready to leave!
The annual "back shot"
Me and my girlies!

Pondering on a Sunday afternoon

Yesterday, we spent the whole day cleaning out and purging through bags and bins that should have been gone through long ago.  We went down to the storage unit and went through all the boxes we couldn't find the energy to deal with when we were unpacking.  Two years later, it was an easier sort.  Our minds are clearer, and our hearts are lighter.  We aren't in the thick of change right now.  The sort went surprisingly quickly.

Until.  (My blog posts, like my life, include a lot of game-changing untils.  Is that normal?)

Tony opened one of the last boxes and sort of chuckled.  Not that ha-ha chuckle, but the oh-wow-here-we-go chuckle.  I looked up, and he was holding two gigantic Ziploc bags of paper stuff.  He said, "This is all the stuff from those nightstands of your parents' that we got rid of.  We didn't go through it in Georgia."

Yes, that mental pressure I was just mentioning when we got to Panama?  It started in Georgia.  I came to a point where I just…

Make New Friends!

We spent a little over two weeks in Georgia.  The first week was focused on doctor appointments, and the second week was dedicated to Vacation Bible School.  The weekend between we didn't have anything on the schedule so I decided to go meet a friend in Alabama.  It's a long story on how Nancy and I became friends, but the neat shorter story is that the kids all instantly clicked!  I'm so excited this get together worked out!

I love it
when everyone has
a buddy!

Any the stitches award goes to...

It's a big deal getting stitches.  At our house, we have an on-going competition for most stitches received in a single ER visit.  Today, we have a new winner with TEN STITCHES!

TONY! Yes, indeed, Tony cut his head open during a random running accident with a low-hanging tree branch.  So, we got to spend 4 hours in the ER this morning waiting for the plastic surgeon to sew up his head.  I was hoping they were going to shave him- because I totally think Tony could rock the Mr. Clean look- but the surgeon said it wasn't necessary. 

4th of July!

My absolute favorite holiday is 4th of July!  I've always loved it, and now that we don't really celebrate any other holidays, it's all the more reason to love the Fourth!   We spent the day shopping during a monsoon.  Ok, it wasn't really a monsoon, but my shoes don't care to hear the difference!  After we got back home, dried ourselves off, and had dinner, it was Sparkler time!

(This is where I must interject with my sad childhood experience of never being allowed to do sparklers.  Blame it on overprotective parenting or dislike of late nights, no sparklers for us.  After much time and consideration of the matter, I've been able to move on.  But just barely.)

I bought 3 boxes of Sparklers, and we went out to do our sparkler thing!

Because my mom is ready to fall out just viewing this picture, I feel the need to note that Coralynn never held a lit sparkler.  I also feel the need to point out that she never held a sparkler because she wouldn't take it from …

A Fly On the Wall

The conversation I overheard yesterday afternoon between my oldest and youngest.  Chloe was reading a book, and Coralynn came up to her initiating the conversation:

Bits:  Row-e you paint wit me.  (Chloe, you paint with me.)
Chloe:  What?  No, I don't want to paint.
Bits.  Yes, row-e, dew'u paint! (Yes, Chloe, you paint!)
Chloe:  (Aware that we have no supplies) What are we even going to paint?
Bits:  Pictures.
Chloe: No, Bits, what are we going to paint with?
Bits: With Toralyn Mae.  (With Coralynn Mae)

And this, my friends, is why you never enter a conversation with Bits.

Basketball Camp!

Carson loves playing basketball.  LOVES it.  He wants so badly to play NCAA Division 1 ball when he gets to college (while he's earning a degree to become a math teacher).  We decided to send him to the University of Illinois' basketball camp.  After signing him up as a commuter, we discovered that he needed to be there at 8:30am and it finished around 9pm.  That would make for a long day for everyone involved!  I did some checking and discovered that my high school did a 2-hour, 5-day mini-basketball camp.  This sounded like a much better option for this year.  He agreed to the change, and we signed him up.

He enjoyed himself but didn't have all that much to share about the experience.  I thought that was that.  Then, he came from the last day of camp, Friday.

"Hey, Mom.  They gave out awards for the championship team." 
"Cool, son."  (He had told us that his team was already out of the "tourney."

Tony, looking annoyed at both of us, chimes …


Another one of those things we "always" do when we come back to the States is get haircuts.  My mom's friend and hair stylist gives the BEST haircuts, so we make sure to always get in to see her.  And this year, we had lots of hair to cut off!! Before In the process
Waiting with Ebby!

The princess's mom could only handle a small trim.

July 20th!

Happy Birthday, Chloe!! I'll skip the sappy stuff because you hate that sort of thing, but know that I love you so much, and I couldn't be prouder of you!! At VBS with the best bff EVER!
Water Day at VBS!
With a favorite Georgia friend!
The Posing Queen!
We LOVE Libby!
My firecracker!  Love you!

My Least Favorite Souvenir... and other bad news.

(okay.  Not bad news, but less desirable news.)

Our trips to the States always include a trip to the pediatrician.  We love Dr. Lisa, and we look forward to seeing her.  (especially if there are no necessary shots- bummer this year!)  We spent 2 hours with our favorite ped, and all in all, I have healthy kids.  Yay for that!

The not-so-yay part came in when Dr. Lisa was trying to talk to Coralynn.  The conversation motivated Dr. Lisa to suggest a speech evaluation.  Now, I knew this was coming, but I still didn't want to hear it.  I agreed, and the next afternoon Coralynn and I headed to see the speech therapist.

At the end of the evaluation, the therapist said that anything above the 50th percentile would count as average and acceptable.  Drum roll, please.  Coralynn scored a 7.  That, for my non-math friends, is less than 50.

Big time fail.

At let's be honest here.  I did not cry.  Until I got in the car.  And then I bawled.  Like ugly face crying in the van while my perfec…


We're learning stuff over here!

School started yesterday when one too many children asked one too many times for something to do.  You need something to do?  I've got math!  We had planned to start next Monday, but we are up and learning a few days early.  There truly are no words to describe the great peace and relief I feel about being back to homeschooling!  

The Right Skirt

makes all the difference!  Coralynn loves dancing with a "princess skirt."  Her old princess skirt was too small and too nasty, so I had a friend make a new one for her.  Coralynn's pure princess came out with the new skirt.

(please listen to the music to get the full experience)

We're Home!

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged, but that's because we were too busy having too much fun.  I'm not sure I've ever been more exhausted from a vacation. 

I have hundreds of pictures I need to edit and share and so many stories I want to tell, but today isn't the day.

After a morning of suitcase emptying- a job that took 6 people 2 hours, we're heading to the grocery store.

Know that I'm back, and my heart is filled with all I want to share with you.

I promise it won't be another 3 weeks before the next post!