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Little Update. Little Prayer Request.

Good evening!

Yesterday, we saw 11 properties!

Of those, 4 were total contenders.

Tony and I went back today and looked at 2 of them, eliminating one as too small.

Tonight, we took the kids and looked at another one of our favorites.

The family has narrowed it down to 2.

We are hopeful that the kids can see the other option tomorrow.

(Of course, they aren't making the decision.  But, they're old enough to have opinions worth hearing.)

Please pray that we make a decision by this time tomorrow.

We have to get this ball rolling!

But, I so appreciate your prayers from Monday.  I am beyond grateful that you cared enough to pray and that what we saw is doable.

Have a great evening!

Hoping tomorrow we know where we're living,

Just a quick prayer-request post.

Hey all!

Tomorrow, at 3:00, Tony and I are meeting with the realtor to look at some properties.

I am beyond nervous.  I want to find something we love and can afford and that is in the perfect location.

Would you be willing to pray that we find something??  I'd be extra super grateful if we found the place tomorrow!

I appreciate it!

Weekend Review!

Welcome to Sunday night!

This weekend has been amazing from a health and fitness standpoint, and I couldn't be happier.

Saturday, I hit the next weight decade!!!

(I hate feet.  I can't figure out how to edit this picture.  Uck!)
I'm SO thankful that I've FINALLY gotten everything moving in the right direction.  It's silly because it's the exact same thing I was doing in 2012 when I get to the same weight.  Very limited sugar.  Pretty much vegan.  Almost no eating out.  That's it.  Why does that seem so hard?  Regardless, I've lost almost 15 pounds since the beginning of this school year, and I feel so much better.  (I'm actually down to 138.5, but I didn't take a picture.  I'm now almost at my Louis Vuitton award weight!!!)

The far more impressive health and fitness success was the running trio's trail race.  Tony and Carson ran a 12k, and Chloe ran her very first 5k trail.  They did amazingly well.  Although I'm incredibly proud of…

Three-Thing Thursday!!

As I've mentioned a few times, I'm really trying to improve my outlook on life.

I'd noticed myself getting more negative and bitter- neither qualities that I wanted to be. I decided to make an intentional effort to choose to see the Light in any situation.

I definitely don't want to be Suzy Sunshine when the world is falling apart.  I don't want to be that person who tells hurting people that "all things will work together for good."

I still want to relate to people in their ugly places.  I am just coming to the realization that I was spending too much time focusing on my own places and focusing on the ugly places makes them appear bigger than they are.

So, with that it mind, today's topic is Things that I Can Now See...

1.  Joy breeds Joy.

I know that it's not always true, but looking at life through the eyes of joy makes those around me more joyful.  We all know that misery loves company.  I've come to the decision that joy loves company, …


Today, Carson had his first soccer game of this season which, of course, meant that rainy season started.  Fortunately, the game was able to be played.  Carson is the goalie, and I'm fairly certain that this was the best game of his career.  He was unbelievable out there.

And, his team lost 0-1.  On a penalty kick.  A penalty kick where he got a hand on the ball.  (you can watch below)

For those of you (us) who aren't soccer people, you should understand that penalty kicks are difficult to block.  And, according to Carson, this ball's location is the trickiest to stop.  After the kick, he turned around and gave me the "this close" signal.  I saw, happily, that he was pleased.  He wasn't beating himself up for the miss that ultimately cost his team the game.  He was pleased that he got so close.

You know me.  The whole situation has left me all ponder-y.

You know what I learned?  That sometimes you do "everything" right and still fail.  Sometimes, y…

Prepare Yourself

Because when you tell Jesus that you're going to focus on living a life marked with joy and delight, Satan will test your resolve.

He'll announce that your landlord is selling your apartment.

He'll throw out your back to the point that you can't walk correctly.

He'll break your hot-water heater so that you take cold showers.  And, then it will break again the same day it's fixed.

He'll make sure that your work computer is on the fritz.

He'll even go so far as to have your contact get stuck WAY up in your eye lid so that your 14-year-old will have to fish it out for you.

But, I'm choosing joy.

I got to go for a run with my husband.

I was able to teach my classes day.

My kids all made it home safely.

We got to hear Coralynn laugh that deep laugh of joy.

Carson has been in the purest happy mood that I've seen him in years.

And, ultimately, the risen Jesus in on the throne.  He's already won the victory; I'm just navigating Satan's retr…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Panama!

Of Course.

Subtitle: We actually are moving.

But, not out of Panama.

We found out yesterday that our landlord is selling our apartment.

Now, we get to move out by July 31.

We found this out exactly 5 minutes after we determined our plans for the summer.

So, we need to move out before June 23 when we leave for the US.

2 months.  To find a place, pack our place, move, unpack.

Ok, Jesus, I get that you want us in constant flux.  Can I get a hint at what you want me to learn?

I understand this isn't a crisis.

It's just more limbo.  More upset in our very unsettled life.

If I were a holier person, I'd come up with some spiritual metaphor for this whole adventure.  I'd connect it to Good Friday, the death on the cross, the 3 days of despair.  I'd see that I'm simply in darkness waiting for the light of Resurrection Sunday.

Instead, I'm sick over closet space and pools.

*And I know You are loving me where I am because that's Who You are.*

Until I get over my pity party,


Today was Walk-a-thon at my school.  This is absolutely my favorite event the school does.  It was at Walk-a-thon 2012 that we discovered Carson's running ability.  Any community-building activity that involves physical fitness brings me joy.

This year, I was tasked with running/walking the 90-minute event.  Any female secondary students who ran more laps than I did would earn bonus points on a test.  I was super pleased I was able to complete 6 laps (about 6.6 miles).  I'm fairly confident that I had one more in me, but a middle school girl finished lap 6 just a few feet in front of me.  There was no way she had another lap in her, so I stopped.  No reason to ruin her hard work just in the name of proving something to myself.

I did, however, prove to myself that I miss running.  More importantly, I proved to myself that I'm still able to run.  I didn't win any awards or set any records, but I did it.  I ran more than a 10k in less than 90 minutes.  That's someth…