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Sitting in traffic,

reading the newspaper. Upside down.

1 more week!

7 more days.

168 more hours.

10080 more minutes.

And we'll be back in Georgia!

We went back in July of 2011, and I'm amazed at all life has brought in that year.

Tony and I were chatting in the car on Saturday that Panama truly feels like our home.

I'm so thankful for that.

I like getting to *visit* the US, and I'll be glad to get *home* to Panama.

For now, the focus is getting to see friends and family that we haven't seen in too long.

1 more week!

This is an Ad.

Tony had reached his breaking point.

He was not going to be denied any longer.

It was time for him to take the reins and lead this family.

After 22 months, he was done.

We WERE all going to the dentist.  Period.  No questions.

He scheduled the appointments.

We got no say in that matter.

Even though I hate the dentist.

And I don't floss.

I took Camilla and Chloe today.

Other than the light being too bright for Camilla,

the girls both did super great.
Carson and I went yesterday.  I was super nervous.  Have I mentioned yet that I hate going to the dentist?  My jaw doesn't open very wide, and it hurts to have them working in my mouth.  And, since I don't floss, it tends to be a blood bath.
Because I'm the mom, I had to see the dentist first.  Something about being a good example to Carson.  Whatever.  The dentist was great, and she even thanked me for being upfront about the fact I don't floss.  She appreciated my honesty.  I appreciated her appreciation.  Then, she loo…

Our Healthy Journey...

We've been continuing on with our health journey here.  Everyone is getting accustomed to our new dietary rules, and most cravings have subsided.

I began a new exercise program, and I've been super pleased with the results.  I was reading about many people who were seeing success with a program called Couch to 5K that I had to give it a try.  Each day, for 8 weeks, you go through a walk/run program to train you to be able to run longer.  I decided to skip the first week because it was too easy.  After completing the second week of the program, I ran/walked a 5K on the treadmill just to see how I did.  I managed to complete the 3.1 miles in 37.44.  I was thrilled with that time since it was my first attempt.

We've been so excited by the new exercise plan that Tony, Carson, my Dad and I decided to run a 5K while we are in the US.  Our hometown in IL has a festival each July, and it includes races on Saturday morning.  The rest of the family will be participating in the One …

Q & A!

Chloe's Home!

Chloe got back about 12:30 last Thursday afternoon.  Tony took the day off so he could be there when she arrived so he, Coralynn, and I headed to the church to pick her up.  Camilla and Carson stayed behind so they could work on a special project for her.

They created the best welcome-home signs ever and jumped up from behind the chair to surprise greet her.  She was thrilled with their attention, and they were thrilled to have her home!  

Before we discussed her trip, we got the washing machine going because 4 days in the jungle stinks!  It only took two washes to get everything clean.

Chloe bought some jewelry from the local artisans.

Mom:  Welcome home, Chloe. Chloe:  Hey Mom!
Mom:  Where did you go for your missions trip? Chloe:  Parara Puru with the Embera
Mom:  Tell me about the trip there. Chloe:  We rode on a bus for an hour, and then we got to the river.  We rode a canoe to the village.  We had to hike a few minutes to get to the village.
Mom:  Where you nervous when…

Praising on a Wednesday... Again!

It's been too long since I did a Weekly Blessing Wednesday so I thought today would be a perfect day to start it up again!

~Chloe is having a good time on her mission trip, and I was able to speak briefly to her!  We can't wait for her to be home, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

~Cosita is here.  Okay, getting the dog was a HUGE mistake, but we're doing our best to make the best of it.  And, Cosita was smart enough to figure out that getting Tony on her side was the only way she was going to keep living with us!

~Carson is all better!  That was quite the virus, but he seems to be have completely turned the corner!

~Camilla and Coralynn had a great time spending a week together while the big kids were at school!  It was super neat getting to watch them grow their relationship! 

~Coralynn's speech is greatly improved and the tubes are working!  She's been feeling good, and talking up a storm.  She's even cuter now than she was before!  I love getting …

Missions Trip!

This morning Chloe left for a four-day mission trip in the interior of Panama.  She was super excited about this opportunity, but she had some nervous moments, too.  I'm sure she'd appreciate any prayers you feel led to offer!!
Chloe and some of the other girls.   The group is 5th graders and Chloe- the only 4th grader.

Bags! The kids were told to bring certain items, and it was emphasized that they had to be able to carry their own things!

Sick Carson

Last Thursday, the kids had a half day of school.  When I picked them up at 12:30, Carson complained of having a headache.  This is not uncommon.  He's usually overly hungry, overly hot, and overly thirsty.  By the time we got home, he was super uncomfortable.  I told him to drink some water.

He guzzled down a few glasses of water and had some lunch.  By 1:30, he was in agony, and I thought he had a migraine.  He wanted to sleep so I gave him some Tylenol and put him in bed.  After a few hour nap, he woke up feeling sick to his stomach and the headache was still raging.  I was convinced he had a migraine. 

Friday morning, he woke up weak, but with no headache.  He wanted to go to school, and I assumed that his overall icky feeling was a result of the migraine.  I sent him to school thinking he would perk up when he saw his friends.

At 11:30, the school nurse called.  Carson had an upset stomach and a fever of 102.  Maybe this wasn't a migraine.  He spent the rest of the day i…

Awards Day And End of School!

Last Wednesday, Chloe had her Awards Chapel where she was presented a certificate for honor roll for 4th quarter, and she received a certificate for being on the honor roll all school year.

Chloe has had a difficult year, but I'm beyond impressed with how well she handled it.  We owe a debt of gratitude to her teacher, Miss Spencer, who taught Chloe so much more than math and reading.  There is no question that Miss Spencer made a lasting imprint on Chloe's heart and encouraged her walk with the Lord so beautifully.  Chloe and Miss Spencer- I treasure you both!!
Friday, June 6, was the last of day of school for the year!  I am so proud of how well Chloe and Carson did.  We wondered how the transition from homeschooling would go, but they both did great!
(Carson clearly wasn't feeling right on the last day of school.  More info coming soon.)

Picking another C-name!!!

Monday, we got the unexpected news that we needed to select another C-name for our family!

The kids were super excited, but Tony and I were struggling with it. Really struggling with it.

Then, we had a breakthrough of peace.

Tony remembered a trip to rural Alabama that he took last summer with his bff, Shawn.

Shawn often brings peace to our confusion.

Tony and Shawn were chatting with Shawn's dad- Mr. E.- about a similiar situation, and Mr. E. had wise words to share.

Little did we know, just 12 months later, those words would guide us:

"Shawn," Mr. E. said. "Every boy needs a puppy. And a girl might like one, too."

With truth like that guiding us, how could we go wrong?

So, it's our pleasure to introduce to the newest baby girl in our family...

Cosita Lauryn
(Cosita is Spanish for "little thing," and Chloe just liked "Lauryn.")

Trying to convince Cosita to come out of the carrier.
Cosita perfectly happy in the back corner of t…

Money Monday!!

It's been a while since I've posted a Money Monday blog, so I thought I would share some updates.

Really, this post only needs to be one word to clearly explain April and May's financial situation. 


April and May were some ugly months.

Coralynn had multiple doctor's appointments that required hours of driving time.  And, the doctor's office hours are from 4-7 pm.  Between the gas to get to the appointments, the cost of the visits, and having too many meals out, our budget took a serious hit.

Then, there was the cost of the surgery itself.

And of course, Carson had soccer games which required more gasoline.  Camilla had dance which required lesson fees, and Chloe seemed to need one of everything to get through life.

At the same time, we were completely revamping our dietary guidelines even further than my last detailed explanation.  This caused two financial headaches.  First, running into a fast food restaurant after a doctor's appointment or a soccer gam…

Graduation Saturday!!

The Graduates proceeding into the Sanctuary!

Miss Williams sharing her opening thoughts.
Camilla singing the Peanut Butter sandwich song.
Camilla's sweet friend, E!
Camilla's other sweet friend, E!
Camilla with Mr. Bose, the Director, receiving her diploma! 

Camilla and her diploma!

Camilla and Miss Williams- we thank God for both of these sweet ladies!!

So proud of Camilla!
Camilla Rose Kindergarten Graduation June 2, 2012

Last Day- K5 Edition

This is Camilla preparing to leave for her first day of Kindergarten back on August 4.
Tomorrow, she will have her offical graduation ceremony.
It's hard for me to believe.
In some ways, August 4th seems like yesterday.
In other ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.
Congratulations, Camilla!
I'm so proud of you!
Camilla on her last day of K5- June 1, 2012