January 16

I think God has given me more information about my word of the year.  I thought "beyond" was a good word- plenty to do with it.  Apparently, God wanted it more specific.  Or maybe it's January's version of the word.  I'm not exactly sure.  But, I do know that God wants me (probably most of us) to go beyond our complaints.

You see, that was what I sat down to write about.  Our washing machine broke.  We're a family of 6 that produces a lot of laundry.  The kids wear uniforms to school.  Chloe doesn't have enough uniforms to make it a week without doing laundry.  Because we rent, we can't just go out tonight to buy a new washer.  We have to wait, and the landlord wants to try to a repair, so it will take even longer.  Those complaints were where this post was originally headed.

 But, we've had a change of plans.  Tony just walked in the apartment after dropping some friends off at home.  He started right in about how close he was to getting in an accident with everyone in the car.  About how he didn't even see that the other car was turning.  How he looked up, saw the car, and has no idea how he didn't slam into the other car.  He doesn't really seem to remember breaking.

A new uniform shirt for Chloe costs $20, maybe $25.  Fixing the car would cost $$$$.  Ambulance and hospital bills even more.  I think I'm over the washing machine.

Feeling thankful,


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