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For Grandpa Bob

Because he loves her freckles.

Wednesday's Praises

It has been a long time since we've done a weekly praise day, so I thought today would be the day to get back at it!

~The kids are all doing an amazing job in school!  I'm so proud at how well they've adjusted to the switch to home schooling!

~Tony and I have been getting in a weekly date night!  I love getting to spend time with him!

~We just passed our 2.5 year anniversary of moving to Panama!  It feels like we've lived here forever, but I am thankful for all that we've lived in those 2.5 years!

~Coralynn Mae is making progress at speech class!  It still hurts my heart to see her struggling so much, but I'm in awe of how smoothly finding a therapist and getting her in therapy worked!

~Two weeks from today, Grandma will be here!  We all love Ebby!

~Bible reading with Camilla.  I am amazed of this kid's thoughtful questions and insights as she reads through the Bible.  For those who think they can't get anything out of the Scripture, let Camilla be an e…

11 Years. 2 Months.

Today Chloe turns 11 years and 2 months old.  That seemed like a great reason to share a picture of my beautiful oldest daughter.

Chopped- Our Family's Edition!

I've mentioned before that I love Food Network's Chopped.  We decided that we were going to have our own Chopped Challenge.  The boys (Tony and Carson) took on the girls (Chloe and Camilla).   Coralynn and I served as judges.  We decided that we would have two rounds: side dish and dessert. Everyone would advance to the dessert round, but someone would have an "advantage."

The Teams:

The Men (and Judge Bits)
The Ladies Round One:  Side Dish
Before the Reveal
The Secret Ingredients: Edamama, Ginger Ale, Onion, Hot Peppers, Rice Krispies
Tony, from Team Men, working on the edamame (and sporting the Illini hat after an exciting victory for the Illinois football team over the Cincinnati Bearcats)
Carson, also from Team Men, smashing the rice krispies with a pan.
Completely unrelated, but really cute picture of Cosita's tail.  I love Cosita's tail!
Roving reporter, Cosita, checking in from the kitchen.
Chloe, from Team Ladies, working on a pretty presentation.

I wish there were words.

I wish there was space to type them.

But the words don't do justice.  And a plethora of words won't better describe Him.

God is too great and too good to fit in a blog post.  Or in a thousand blog posts.

He doesn't just love you.  He IS love.  When He sees you, He sees His love.

It's too much to describe.  I can't do it.

I've been trying to find the perfect picture to use as a metaphor.  The perfect 1000-word picture that clearly demonstrates this kind of love. 


Tony and I had an amazing weekend of worship.  Of revelation.  Of peace.  Of  Word.  Of love.


The Lord has been spiritually prepping us for it.  Just as the Midwestern skies grow dark, and the smell of ozone takes over, and the rain lightly begins to fall, and the winds pick up, and the thunderstorm finds it full strength, our relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit has been building.

This weekend was not the culmination.  The storm didn't rage only to leave us the same.