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Last Day of Review

On Thursday, Valentine's Day, we took a transit tour of the canal.  Although the trip was WAY longer than we expected, it was pretty cool to get to experience the canal from other than the Visitor's Center.
Canal Tug Boat! Waiting to enter the Miraflores Locks! Love this kid!
The locks filling up!
Crossing the Continental Divide!

The Zoo!

This was another "first" that we tried when our friends were here.  They were interested in seeing eagles, and Carson remembered seeing them when he came with a friend.  For the rest of us, this was our first trip to Summit Zoo.  We all thought it was pretty cool.  (except for Chloe who feels that zoos are sad because everybody needs a family- I have no idea where she gets that.  Um.  From me.  That's right.  She has the group-hug gene.  I got it from my mom who got it from her mom.  Not sure where Grandma I got it. I'm running a rabbit trail now.  Aren't I?)

So, without further adieu, here are the pictures from the zoo (with helpful comments):

Pretty Bird!
Water line!
The group on the bridge with the free-roaming crocodile. Yes, indeed, there was absolutely nothing to stop me from walking up to the crocodile or it coming over to me!
Me and the Love of My Life!
Camilla and Daddy!
Stopping to Smell the Flowers!
Measuring wingspans- Bits!

The Causeway, a Run, and Coralynn Mae

While our friends were here, we enjoyed a morning walk on the Causeway.  The Causeway is my favorite place to walk because of the beautiful views, fresh breezes, and calm mornings.  I love telling Carson he can run, and then watching him take off for who knows where.  For Carson, running is a primal need.  It makes me think of what would happen if you opened the cages at the zoo and just let the animals run.  Run like they've also desired to do.  With total freedom.  He runs, and then we catch up with him and ask him when he was giong to stop.  He looks at us with total confusion on his face.  Stopping was never part of the equation.  It was just about the running. 

While Carson was running, I got to take some pictures of my favorite Bits.  Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am to be this kid's mom?  Sometime, maybe on her upcoming birthday, I'll go through the thought process of how much this child means to me, but for now, I leave you with her smiling face as she en…

No More Company. :(

It's no fun when company leaves.  :(

We did have a super fun week which left me super pondering.  Someday, I'll just have a fun time with no pondering necessary.  It's never happened before, but maybe it will.  Someday.

Tony and I decided to try some new Panama things to last week's plans, and they all went great!  What are the odds?

Seriously?  How cute is that!

Last Monday, we decided to make a quick trip to the bowling alley.  My kids have never been bowling.  They have the Wii version so they thought they'd be masters.  Umm.  Not exactly, but we had a bowl!!  (Get it?  Instead of having a ball??  I'm so funny in my own mind.)

Go Illini!!

After Illinois' big defeat of the Number 1 Indiana Hoosiers, we just needed to break out our celebratory jammies!

Scenes from Saturday

Chloe loves a good organization project, and Chloe hates "help" when she organizes. The red rope made it clear she was taking the pantry on by herself.
Carson uses those muscles of his for some table cleaning.
Camilla, voted most likely to clean while overdressed, was thrilled to get to wash windows!
The babies decided snuggling was a more profitable use of time. (Cosita was there first.)



Company is coming!

Company is coming!!

Our friends from Georgia will be here in about 36 hours, and I can't wait!

And, I just had to tell someone.

So, I did.

Now, I'm off to clean!!

Photo Review of the Weekend.

Friday we went to a friend's wedding: Coralynn Mae
Chloe Marie
Coralynn and Mommy (I promised I'm dressed.  Strapless and close cropping don't go very well together.)
I'm always looking to hold a baby.  I had cuddled with baby Caleb (love a C name!) for about an hour when Coralynn decided she needed a turn.  She held him for a few moments and then announced, "he too wittle, Momma." On Saturday, Tony and the big kids headed out for an overnight campout birthday party.  Camilla found some clay in the cupboard, and the little girls played for hours:

Sunday, Tony and the kids arrived about 3pm, and then we settled in for the Super Bowl.  No pictures taken because I was so glad to have everyone back!! Monday- Super Bowl Clean-up: My dryer is still broken.  It's been a month.  I'm growing fond of drying racks.
Sick day!
Carson ended up staying home from school today because of a nasty allergy cough.