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A Bonus: Foody Friday

(In honor of my pretend-even-though-she's-a-real-person-friend, Stephanie, who has a fabulous  food blog, I thought it would be fun to talk Panamanian food!)

For those of you who don't know this, my husband is a big fan of produce.  You know how some men get googly-eyes looking at bass boats or sports cars?  Well, that's Tony in a great produce aisle.  If you really want him happy, take him to a Farmer's Market.  Still too afraid to hit a local market, we went to the local upscaleAmerican expensive grocery store, Riba Smith.  I was at the produce counter having our items weighed when Tony walked up with the strangest product.  "Can we get this?" he asks like he is 5 and wants a puppy.  I look at the price.  "Sure, dear, what is it?"  He has no idea but is thrilled with his purchase.
We get home and do a google search to find out what it is.  According to google translate, it is an erasure.  ????  After more extensive google searching, we discover &quo…

the Shoes!

Time for our Friday Funsy (45 minutes early!)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you learn that everybody doesn't do it the way your family does?  I vividly remember in 6th grade finding out everyone doesn't get a toothbrush and toothpaste in his/her Christmas stocking.  I was astounded.

Or have you ever assumed everyone knew something that you know because "it's just something everyone knows!"?  Well, Tony and I have had that experience here.  The same experience.  Separately.  Twice.

We meet new people all the time, and so we have spent the last 6 weeks (it seriously hasn't been 6 weeks?!) making small talk.  A common question is- What brought you to Panama?  We tell people that Tony's job transferred us here.  (I can now say it without an attitude- it's progress people!)  They then ask the obvious next question.  "Whom does he work for?"  (Side note to make my Dad happy:   They usually say Who- I changed it to Whom.  Dad is proud…

Praise Him! Praise Him! The "I Know" Edition

Seems to me there are 2 options with God.  You either feel His presence, or you know He's there.  Today, we're settling for the I Know.  I'm not sure if it's culture shock or stress or exhaustion, but I'm not feeling much of anything these days.  I'm numb.  And to be honest, it's not my favorite place to be.  Regardless, there will be 7 praises to report because it is Wednesday.  And I don't need to feel it to know it.

The Weekly 7

~The Bits has gotten very un-bitty.  She's growing great.  I look forward to having her weighed so we can officially call her Tank.  (She'll always be my Bits!)

~The dining room, family room, and kitchen are completely unpacked and usable.

~We have the van title in our name and the insurance process is in the works.

~I discovered last night that they have proper thunder and lightning storms in Panama.  This was a source of great frustration to me in Georgia.  They don't have proper Midwestern thunderstorms in Geor…

The Silver Lining with the Cloud.

I hate bugs.  I mean I really really hate bugs.  I was aware when we moved from urban Illinois to rural Georgia there would be new and different bugs.  Nonetheless, I was ready to pack our bags and return to Illnois when we walked into our bedroom our third night there and saw the world's largest cockroach sitting on the ceiling.  The sucker was huge.  At least 3 inches long and 1/2 thick.  Tony challenged the creature and won.  After that, I learned that the locals call them Palmetto Bugs which makes them sound less horrible, and that they exist because of woods and water- not because of lacking housekeeping skills.  We came to a truce.  Life continued.

Enter Panama.  I knew there would be mosquitos.  Mosquitos love me.  I am their favorite entree so I was quite concerned about the situation.  You can imagine my glee when I met the first creature of our new home- the lizard.  The mosquito-eating lizard.

Much less repulsive than the cockroach, the lizard (or is it a gecko?) is almos…

Easter Weekend Review!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Ours was distinctly different, but enjoyable.  Tony had Good Friday off so that was great.  We all like an extra day with Dad.  (To be honest, we are kind of dad junkies.  We fight over who gets to sit next to him, who he has to pay attention to, and who gets to meet him at the door.  For his part, Tony sits back in awe of the love that surrounds him.  Or he tells us to find something else to do.  Just depends on the day.)

So, we decided to head out for my favorite Dad's-got-a-day-off actvity.  Grocery shopping!!  No, seriously.  I love grocery stopping.  (Cue Carson:  Mom, you don't love it.  You really enjoy it.  Love is for people - Like me and God.)  We headed out about 10 and quickly realized something was off.  Not a car anywhere.  I'm naively thinking I've reached grocery-shopper Nirvana: well-stocked shelves and no crowds.  Tony, the astute one of the expedition, has a clearer picture.  "Lisa, I bet they'r…

Great is Thy Faithfulness...

So, my search for blessings songs has ended.  Instead I've decided to focus my energy on God's faithfulness and the desire to praise Him.  As such, the weekly 7 is going to look a little different today.

I've been amazed the past week and weeks in how God really does have a plan.  Thank you, Captain Obvious.  I know in my head in order to answer the Christianity 101 quiz that God has a plan.  It's something entirely different to believe it down to your toes.  Even more remarkable when He chooses to clean the fog from your eyes so you can see it.  That's what yesterday was.  He let me see the plan.

Now for a bit of a preface.  He didn't let me see the BIG plan.  I still don't have the foggiest idea why I'm sitting in Panama.  Had I been able to see that plan, I definitely would have been making some very expensive calls to the US to let y'all know.  This is simply a portion of His plan in making us ready for Panama.  And more than that.  He IS workin…

We're not in Georgia anymore...

Thought today we were in need of a funny.  So here is Friday's Funsy pic...

I'm having trouble picturing this sign anywhere in the United States.  Even harder to imagine is ladies sitting around at lunch saying, "I have to get to big fashion."  "Me, too.  Big fashion has the best stuff."

There Shall Be Showers of Blessings..

(yep, I don't like that song, either.  If someone could suggest a blessing song I do like, that would be great!)

Time for this week's Wednesday 7- a weekly reminder of the blessing in the storm!!

~My mom had easy travel back to IL.  Considering the 11-hour adventure she had getting here, this is a true praise!

~ We had a great meeting with the Pastor!!

~Great Sunday morning service!  This church, which I'm sure has many flaws that we just haven't found yet, understands the unity of the body.  No seperate services based on age, language, music preference, Bible translation, dress code, etc.  3 identical services because space doesn't allow for one huge unfiied service.  I can't begin to describe the blessing of singing together one verse in Spanish, one verse in English without a pause in between.  Getting over myself (and ourselves) to worship the Lord together is priceless.

~No ticket written by the police officer!  (see earlier post for info)

~A sweet gesture…

25 days.

Yes.  25 days.  5 days short of a month.  3 weeks and 4 days.  That is how long it took for me to get into a run-in with the local police agency in Panama.

I hate being a criminal.  Okay, now I'm being dramatic, but I sure felt like a criminal.  The story:

Tony's car has had an oil leak.  Last week, he took it to get fixed.  The car dealership quoted us a price of $2300 to fix it.  Uh no.  So, Tony decided to take it back to the seller, a used car dealership named Patel's Autos.  Today, the car was ready after $600 of repair.

We decided to use the GPS (we call her Mindy) to go to Patel's to test the accuracy of her maps.  Got there no problem.  When we leave, we decide that we will follow Mindy's directions home.  I'll keep her in the car with me, and Tony will follow.  (You can see where this is headed, can't you?)

We've been driving for about 35 minutes, and it appears Mindy wants to see every back street in Panama.  Tony remembers his deep-seeded hat…

Time for the Weekly 7

(a day late- that's pretty good, right?)

~ A dear friend had a healthy baby girl!-- Congrats Pete and Angie

~We finally got our new phones.  We've officially hit 2002- we own Blackberrys!

~Operation Plump Up The Bits is quite successful.  She's looking pudgy!

~Our air shipment arrived with no issues!

~Homeschooling has resumed here.  Yay!!

~We visited a church Sunday that feels like a potential possibility.  Meeting with the Pastor tonight (that's me sneaking a prayer request into the praise list!)

~We've all had a great time with Grandma being here with us!

Panama Canal Day

Let me say up front that I hate tourist activities.  I hate them.  In the United States, I avoid all tourist stuff like the plague.  I have been forced to endure the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The World of Coke Musuem, The Gateway Arch, etc.  I think the hatred comes from my total fear of looking out of place.  Let's be honest, people, you can spot the tourists at 100 feet.  That is not my thing.  Since opposities attract, Tony LOVES toursity stuff.  The man likes nothing more than to visit every tourist trap in every new location.

So it was with my normal level of enthusiasm that I agreed to go to the Panama Canal.  My one condition- we go on a Sunday postchurch so we are well dressed.  Nothing worse than doing tourist activities looking like a tourist. **shudder** So, Sunday, also known as How-Far-Can-Lisa-Step-Out-Of-Her-Comfort-Zone Day, we all went to the Canal.

We had decided that we would have lunch at the restaurant there because church ended at 12 noon.  With all the traffic…