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I know that my readership is tiny, but I now know that it exists.  I walked into school, and a few students mentioned that I had missed a day.  I missed yesterday.  I just wanted to watch football and NCIS reruns.  So there.  :)

Today, for its part, was the best Monday in resent memory.  I got up feeling awake after a good night's sleep.  I've never been one who struggles with sleep, but the past few weeks have been less than optimal.  Last night, I slept well, and I'm reminded that the healing, restorative power of sleep can't be overstated.  Yesterday, I felt like something was physically or mentally wrong with me.  Or both. Today, I'm ready to conquer the world.  Yay!

Continuing the good Monday trend, Coralynn walked in and used a phrase she has never said, "playing with my friends."  For reasons I can't explain and that I hate, Coralynn struggles making friends.  I think it's because she's too remarkable to be wasted on just any 6 year-old.  Tony suggests that there might be other reasons.  I assume he's talking about the fact other kids are shallow and mean.  He mentioned something about Coralynn having a role in the friend issue.  Clearly, he has no understanding of my children.  Regardless, Coralynn has only one consistent friend.

Today, she was relaying her day to me, and she said, "I was playing with my friends, and" I don't know the rest.  I was totally stunned.  I had never realized that I'd never heard her say that sort of thing until I heard her say it.  She continued telling the story, and I told her how sweet she was to be a good friend.  But, it made my heart happy.  And sad.  And, now I want to request prayer.  Coralynn needs a couple of more friends.  Pray them for her, please.  And for my heart.

Then, *because today is full of great stuff,* my friend got good medical test results.  That means that she is well, and I get prayer credit for those results.  Score!  And, my lunch was yummy.  Who knew roasted cauliflower and spaghetti squash was my happy place???  Beyond that, my US History project has me stoked.  If the kids perform in the way I know they are able, this will be an amazing presentation!  

Coralynn and I are snuggled up waiting for salad night to begin.  She's happily playing on her ipad, and I'm happily listening to her giggles.    This Monday is definitely greater than the sum of it's parts!  Yay!

Hopefully, Tuesday will continue the trend.

But, 4:30 am...


just me said…
I check in almost daily since,your new commitment to blog *almost daily. I love seeing glimpses into your world... How different and yet inherently similar it is to mine...

Charity (yakky)

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